SchoolPlus on Manhattan

Basic Information

County: NY
Phone Number: 9788446646
President: Galina Bunin
Principal: NA
School Type: Enrichment Program

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SchoolPlus on Manhattan
SchoolPlus on Manhattan
SchoolPlus on Manhattan

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Additional Information

Accreditation: PASSNYC
Founded: 1995
Organization Affiliation: NEWL
Ages/Grades: 3.5 -- 17
School Setting:


School Schedule: 4-6 on Saturdays
School days in Calendar Year: 33
School Holidays: Memorial, Labor, Thanksgiving, Christmas

UWS parents

School Size: 170
Classroom Size: 12
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1/12

$27.00/45 min prorated to 60, 75, 120 min

Financial Aid:



Math, Science


Singapore Math based

Percentage of Graduating Class: na
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School Clubs:

Math Club

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Admissions Deadline: August 1st
Mission Statement:

SchoolPlus on Manhattan is located on the Upper West Side and has been around for more than twenty years. We started as a small Saturday’s school for children of Russian language heritage. We do offer a strong Math curriculum, and our students got to the top-notch high schools, such as Bronx Science and Stuy.

Although most of our current program is devoted to Math, Science, Programming, and Chess, the Russian language is an integral part of it. We teach World History and Culture in Russian.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that learning in small groups, rather than in large will provide a better match between students' cognitive abilities and the curriculum. It also provides opportunities for our students to meet other intellectual peers and obtain emotional support for high achievement.

We also strongly believe in the importance of early childhood education. Early years are the most receptive years of a child’s life. Educators refer to the mind of the child during this period as the “absorbent mind.”

School History:

The SchoolPlus was founded in 1995 by Dr. Olga Fookson, the experineced and creative educator. There are many branches of SP in tri-state areas. Manhattan branch is located in Union Theological Seminary, a beautiful building with excellent rooms equipped with the latest educational devices. We've been there for the last 15 years.

Initially, we had only about 30 kids and offered only two subjects, Math and Early Logic. Since that we've been steadily growing together with our young students (grades k-1). Now we have over 170 children from 3.5 to 17 years old. Our kids started their participation in MOEMS (Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools about 10 years ago always showing great results. We also a part of the USA Crystal Growing Competition which has been a part of our Science curriculum. Our teachers are always on the go for new and effective learning strategies.

Programs and Services:

Math, Science, Programming, Chess, Architecture for kids, OLSAT/BSRA, Hunter Prep, SHSAT, World History, Russian Language

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Notes/School Information:

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