The Starry Road To Freedom

Basic Information

Address: 971 N. McLean Blvd Memphis, Tn 38107
Phone Number: 901-262-0126
Director: Darius Wallace

Action Shots

The Starry Road To Freedom
The Starry Road To Freedom
The Starry Road To Freedom
The Starry Road To Freedom

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: Black History, Literacy

Based in Atlanta & Memphis. Other travel paid by school.

Pricing: 2,500.00

Darius can add an acting workshop.

Setup: Self contained.
Takedown: Self contained.
Equipment: If the venue is big, a Lavalier microphone would be best. He also likes to work with a chair, small table, and coat rack on stage.

Audiences will witness Darius Wallace transform into several different characters of influence on Douglass's life through song, speeches, monologue, and poetry.

Mission Statement:

To inspire young people toward self-determination, overcoming adversity, and the power of literacy.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Darius believes in doing his part to inspire young people to become literate and self-determined, to celebrate a triumphant story in Black History, and to help cultivate a culture of kindness.
Program History:

Darius created this program 20 years ago because he's an actor who wanted to work, rather than waiting for the phone to ring.

Testimonials: See his testimonials.
Additional Information:

Frederick Douglas's descendants are modern day abolitionists fighting human trafficking. They bring Darius in to perform for their events. He also performs at The National Archives once or twice a year.