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Basic Information

Address: 65 Ricker Road Kinnelon, NJ 07405
Phone Number: 866-952-7376
Director: David Volpe

Action Shots

Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies
Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies
Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies
Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies

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Additional Information

Focus: STEM, Kindness and SEL, bullying prevention, motivation, reward assembly, black history
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 40-minutes


Pricing: $949 +$299 for additional back-to-back performances

Out available presentation themes are:

Bullying Prevention
Black History Tribute
Kindness Quest
STEM Expansion

American Pride
Winter Holiday
Spring Jam

Laser Reader
Laser Safari
Pre-School Singalong
Space Explorer

Setup: 60 minutes
Takedown: 40 minutes
Equipment: We provide all equipment needed
Special Requirements: None

We make it easy! Just tell us the date and time and we will reserve your school event with no upfront fees. We can even guide you to the best assembly show theme for your school.

  • 40-minute assemblies
  • In-person assembly price $949
  • Need an extra performance? It's just $299 more
  • No deposit
  • No early cancellation fee

Once you're booked, we take care of it all. We expertly transform your room into an amazing laser show experience. Just bring the students and we bring the excitement!

Mission Statement:

Prismatic Magic Laser Programs is a pioneer in educational and entertaining school assemblies and library programs. Our mission is to engage and inspire children to learn in new ways. We are passionate about using fun to unlock children's desire to learn. All of our laser programs include music and stunning laser visuals to engage and inspire every student. And they are so much fun, your kids will be singing and cheering throughout.


“Students and teachers loved it. I heard them say “Best assembly ever!”” 
-Kristin W., Quarry Hill Elementary School, Yardley, PA

“Our students and staff loved Prismatic Magic! The music, lasers, overall message and presentation were fabulous. We can’t wait for our next show. ”  
-Lorena M., Paddison Elementary School, Norwalk, CA

“Awesome show, I will definitely recommend this to other PTA friends in the area at different schools.” 
-Gina S., Brookdale Elementary School, Naperville, IL


“I have received nothing but positive feedback from staff and students. Many have said this was their all time favorite assembly! I will recommend this company to others, and hope to get Prismatic Magic back to V.E.W! THANK YOU!! ”
-Aubri K., Vernon E Wightman Elementary School, Bath, NY

Additional Information:

We have over a dozen program themes to give you the perfect blend of fun an education. Some of our most popular themes are:

KINDNESS QUEST: Join us on our quest to fill the world with thoughtfulness and positivity, as the kids learn that consideration is key, and that it's totally cool to be kind!

LASER READER: By encouraging avid reading techniques, we prime children to become active participant in their reading adventures.

BULLYING PREVENTION: An uplifting program that shows students why bullying and cyber-bullying, or even just standing by when someone else is bullied, is so detrimental.

BLACK HISTORY TRIBUTE: Celebrate the profound contributions of African-Americans in an exciting new way. It is part history lesson and part uplifting musical revival

STEM EXPANION: An unforgettable science assembly that explores the mysteries of light, color, perception, and lasers. Culminating in an exciting laser light show this program proves that science is cool.

We also have holiday shows for HALLOWEEN, WINTER HOLIDAY, REWARD ASSEMBLIES, and more.