Bruning-Davenport Unified School District

Basic Information

Address: 106 N Juniper Ave PO Box 190 Davenport, NE 68335
Phone Number: 402-364-2225
Fax Number: 402-364-2477
Superintendent: Trudy K Clark

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Board of Directors: Unified Board of Education
Mission Statement:

To prepare today's students for tomorrow's society by providing opportunities to learn in a safe environment where students are recognized as valued individuals.

Accreditation and Recognition: Nebraska Department of Education
District Characteristics: The unified district had 154 students PK-12 in 2009-10. It has land in Thayer, Fillmore, and Clay counties. We are a non-equalized district.
School Municipalities: Bruning and Davenport

In 2001 Bruning and Davenport Public Schools unified to create Bruning-Davenport USD. Recently the district extended the unification agreement.

Notable Alumni:

Treva Tegtmeier, Gale Becwar, Jon Bruning, Howard Hawks

Athletics: In 2005 Bruning-Davenport USD won the Class D State Football championship. Beginning in 2010-2011 Bruning-Davenport will cooperate in all athletics with Shickley and compete at the BDS Eagles.

Our high school schedule can be found on our district website. We have agreements with UNL, UNK, Peru State, and SCC that allow our students to take dual-credit courses.

Belief Statements:

All students can learn.

Students need to not only develop a deep understanding of essential knowledge & skills, but also need to develop the capacity to apply their learning, and to reason, solve problems, & produce quality work.

The goal of our educational programs is to prepare students to become contributing members of society.

Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, & intellectual needs.

A safe & supportive learning environment promotes student achievement.

The success of our school system depends on the commitment of all staff (administrators, teachers & support staff) to high quality standards, expectations, & performances.

Effective collaboration & communication with families as partners in the education of their children is essential to the success of our school system.

Teachers, administrators, parents & the community share the responsibility for advancing the school system’s mission and goals.

Transportation: We run two morning bus routes in Davenport and three in Bruning.
After School/Extracurricular Programs: We have an afterschool program in the middle school as well as a TeamMates program.
Computer Capabilities:

Our buildings are WiFi