Lanesville Community Schools

Basic Information

Address: 2725 Crestview Avenue Lanesville, IN 47136-8601
Phone Number: 812-952-2555
Fax Number: 812-952-3762
Superintendent: Steve Morris

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Member Schools: Lanesville Elementary School; Lanesville JR/SR High School
Board of Directors: Donald Hussung; Denzil McKim; Kenneth Acton; Robert Schickel; Ron Wolfe
Mission Statement:

We believe the purpose of Lanesville Junior-Senior High School is to offer a broad body of knowledge, skills, appreciation, beliefs, positive attitudes, and values that are relevant to an ever-changing society. We are committed to an educational program, which will develop the total person into a contributing and responsible citizen. We believe we must provide opportunities to fulfill the demonstrated skill, talents, abilities, interests, and needs which exist within each student. Futhermore, we pledge to examine, evaluate, and change as necessary: never losing our vision of excellence.

Accreditation and Recognition: Indiana Chamber of Commerce--Best Buy Schools; Indiana Student Achievement Institute--Top Gainer
District Characteristics: Small, rural school corporation consisting of 680 students.