Libertyville Elementary District 70

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Basic Information

Address: Libertyville District 70 Educational Resource Center 1381 W. Lake St. Libertyville, Il. 60048
Phone Number: 1-847-362-9695
Fax Number: 1-847-362-3003
Superintendent: Dr. Guy Schumacher

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Member Schools: Adler Park School, Butterfield School, Copeland Manor School, Highland Middle School and Rockland School
Board of Directors: Maryann Ovassapian, Laura Belchenko, Joy Schwerman, Anne Marie Brandt, Chris Kennedy, Tom Vickers and Jennifer Lund.
Mission Statement:

To ensure that District 70 students experience learning that prepares them to live and work in the 21st Century.

District Characteristics: Libertyville Elementary District 70, with its strong academic foundation, is located in the northern suburbs, about 35 miles north of Chicago, in Lake County, Illinois. Libertyville is proud of its warm neighborhood feel and strong heritage as a family-oriented community, and is an exceptional place to raise children. Boasting a quaint and prosperous downtown, residents enjoy a summer Farmer's Market, Dickens of a Holiday winter event, recently remodeled library, hometown festivals and parades, as well as a strong parks and recreation organization and the charm of the local David Adler Music and Arts Center.
Vision Statement: With a profound commitment to 21st Century teaching and learning, District 70 students and staff focus on six components of the Illinois State Board of Education and D70 Applications of Learning: Communication, Working on Teams, Self-Direction, Solving Problems, Using Technology and Making Connections. Through the Applications of Learning, students demonstrate and deepen their understanding of basic knowledge and skills. As defined, these applied learning skills cross academic disciplines and reinforce the importance of the disciplines. The ability to use these skills will greatly influence students' success in school, in the workplace and in the community.