Lynchburg City School District

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Basic Information

Address: 915 Court Street P.O. Box 2497 Lynchburg, VA 24505-2497
Phone Number: 434-522-3786
Fax Number: 434-846-0723
Superintendent: Dr. Paul McKendrick

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Member Schools: William M. Bass Elementary School, Bedford Hills Elementary School, Dearington Elementary School For Innovation, Heritage Elementary School, Linkhorne Elementary School, T.C. Miller Elementary School For Innovation, Paul Munro Elementary School, R.S. Payne Elementary School, Perrymont Elementary School, Sandusky Elementary School, Sheffield Elementary School, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School For Innovation, Linkhorne Middle School, Sandusky Middle School, E.C. Glass High School, Heritage High School
Board of Directors: Rev. Keith Anderson, Ms. Mary Ann Barker, Mr. Albert Billingsly, Dr. Regina Dolan-Sewell, Mr. Troy McHenry, Mrs. Treney Tweedy, Ms. J. Marie Waller, Mr. Thomas H. Webb, Mr. Charles B. White
Mission Statement:

The Lynchburg City Schools, with its Tradition of Excellence, recognizes the uniqueness and worth of all students and will teach each student the concepts, knowledge, and skills necessary to be a thinking, productive, and respobsible citizen.