Maryville City Schools

Basic Information

Address: 833 Lawrence Avenue, Maryville, TN, 37803
Phone Number: (865) 982-7121
Fax Number: (865) 977-5055
Superintendent: Stephanie Thompson

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Member Schools: ELEMENTARY: Foothills, John Sevier, Sam Houston INTERMEDIATE: Montgomery Ridge and Coulter Grove JR. HIGH: Maryville JHS HIGH: Maryville High School
Board of Directors: Christi Sayles; Doug Jenkins; Denny Garner; Bethany Pope; Candy Morgan
Mission Statement:

To prepare students for a lifetime of learning and responsible citizenship.

Accreditation and Recognition: TN SCORE District Winner: 2011
District Characteristics: Small town school district with a history of excellence and high expectations.
School Municipalities: Maryville, TN

Offering a full four-year secondary program in 1913, the school district began providing public education regionally in the 1890's. Founded in the shadow of Maryville College and fully supported in an unpresidented cooperative spirit with local government, the district has steadily grown and flurished with the surrounding community. Today, the district serves 5,000 students in seven schools, offers employment to over 700, and works closely with stakeholders to continually improve - taking every opportunity to embrace best and next practices.

Notable Alumni:

Senator Lamar Alexander


88% Caucasian, 3% African-American, 3% Asian, 2% Hispanic. As of August 2012, 5,027 students were enrolled in grades Pre-K through 12 in seven schools.

Organization Goals: 1. Prepare all students for success in an ever-changing world. 2. Build a team of highly-qualified teachers and support staff. 3. Develop meaningful alliances in support of education and educational opportunities.
A.P. Classes: Art History; Biology; English; Calculus; Chemistry; Economics; Environmental Science; Government; Human Geography; European History; Psychology; Spanish; Statistics; Studio Art; US History.
Transportation: Bus service provided
Libraries: Staffed libraries are provided at each school.
Computer Capabilities:

Each school is technology-enabled with whiteboards in every classroom, wireless access, and much more.

Juvenile/At-Risk Student Programs: Two alternative learning sites are offered for at-risk students.