Palacios Independent School District

Basic Information

Address: 1209 Twelfth Street Palacios, TX 77465
Phone Number: 361-972-5491
Fax Number: 361-972-3567
Superintendent: Vicki Adams

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Member Schools: Palacios High School; Palacios Junior High; East Side Intermediate; Central Elementary
Board of Directors: Cara Herlin, Patty Frankson, Carlos Ottino, Rick Cink, Steve Stuhrenberg, Mary West, Peter Zamarripa
Mission Statement:

The mission of the Palacios Independent School District, the heart of our close-knit, multi-cultural community, is to ensure that all students possess the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their full potential, through an education system characterized by a foundation of trust, a fully-integrated community partnership, a hands-on, individualized curriculum, effective application of current technology, and a dedication to keeping students first.

Accreditation and Recognition: Recognized District
District Characteristics: student population - 1510; culturally diverse population; 60% low socio-economic;

The heart of the Palacios community is the fish, oyster and shrimping industry. Palacios is also the home of Camp Hulen.

Other Facilities: Texas State Marine Education Center; Outdoor swimming pool where over 2000 students have been taught to swim.
Athletics: Football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, track, cross-country, golf, softball, baseball, powerlifting and tennis.
Scholastic Perfomance: Two exemplary campuses; one recognized campus; and one acceptable campus.
Academics: Offer a large variety of elective courses in addition to core subjects.
Vision Statement: Each child prepared with skills for a successful future.
A.P. Classes: Yes - all areas; dual credit courses as well as distance learning.