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Address: 510 Grayside Avenue Mauston, WI 53948
Phone Number: 608-847-5451
Fax Number: 608-847-4635
Superintendent: Dr. Steven D. Smolek

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Member Schools: West Side Elementary; Grayside Elementary; Lyndon Station Elementary; Olson Middle School; Mauston High School
Board of Directors: Jim Cauley; Carrie Buss; R.J. Rogers; Neal McIntyre; Betty Kryka; Brian Fox; Michael Zillich
Mission Statement:

The School District of Mauston, in partnership with families and community, is committed to educating students to set goals, think critically, act responsibly and work cooperatively to become successful citizens.

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Belief Statements:

1. We believe that all people have equal worth.
2. We believe that all people are individually and collectively responsible for their actions.
3. We believe that individuals have the ability to create change.
4. We believe that all students can learn.
5. We believe that all students have the potential for success.
6. We believe that education must be structured to provide consistency in the learning process.
7. We believe that education must be a cooperative responsibility among families, community, educators and students.
8. We believe that education should provide all students the fundamental skills and continual guidance to become self-motivated and
responsible citizens.
9. We believe that education should focus on the individual needs of the whole child.
10. We believe that the educational system must quickly adapt to changes.
11. We believe that education should develop mutual respect, compassion and understanding among people.
12. We believe that education should provide a safe environment conducive to learning.
13. We believe education should provide the opportunity for all students to be successful.
14. We believe that education should provide positive role models.
15. We believe that creative thinking stimulates challenge and growth.


The School District of Mauston is located in Mauston, Wisconsin and serves a student population of 1,523 students enrolled in preschool through twelfth grade. The elementary grades of PK-5 served 712 students, 297 students were enrolled in the middle school, and 504 students were enrolled in grades 9-12.

The district recognizes that graduate follow-up surveys are important and that the information gathered should be used for decision making. At this time the district participates in the graduate follow-up survey for students that are generated based on VEERS information. This data is collected annually and provides information on one-year graduates related to their current work and educational status.

The Western region is composed of eight counties; Buffalo, Crawford, Jackson, Juneau, La Crosse, Monroe, Trempealeau, and Vernon. Together, La Crosse and Monroe Counties are a dominant force in the region accounting for 53 percent of the region's population, 54 percent of the region's labor force, and 63 percent of the nonfarm jobs. Nine of the ten largest municipalities in the area are located in La Crosse or Monroe County. Two major health care systems are centered in La Crosse County, and a veteran's hospital is located in Monroe County, creating one of the strongest areas for health care employment in Wisconsin. Manufacturing is the backbone of several of the outlying counties, such as Juneau and Trempealeau. Buffalo and Vernon Counties are two of only four Wisconsin Counties where 40 percent or more of total county employment is directly related to farming or farm related products.
Situated along the Lemonweir River, Mauston is the county seat of Juneau County. Mauston is an active, modern community, marked by industrial and new home growth. With lots of small town charm, Mauston is located almost exactly between Chicago and Minnesota's Twin Cities. Mauston is the retail center of Juneau County offering a wide variety of stores including supermarkets, a cheese factory and cheese mart, lumberyards, hardware, department, discount, jewelry, gift, craft, and antiques stores, service stations, automobile dealers, and pharmacies. Mauston is also home to a number of restaurants, liquor establishments, and fast food service outlets as well. The Greater Mauston Area Development Corporation (GMADC) is a private non-profit organization that works with the city and other entities to encourage economic development.
US Census Bureau estimates for 2007 show the populous of Mauston to be 4,264 residents; 46.8% male and 53.2% female. The median age is 38.4 years old. The majority of residents are White (95.2%), Hispanics, represent 2.1% of the populous, Blacks and Asians each represent less than 1% of the total population.
Slightly more than eighty percent of those 25 years old or older have a high school diploma, 12.6% hold a Bachelor’s degree, 5% hold a graduate degree. July 2007 data indicates an unemployment rate of 9.7%. On average, residents commute approximately 19 minutes to their work sites.
The most common occupations for males in this area are: driver/sales workers and truck drivers, metal workers and plastic workers, other production occupations including supervisors, building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations, other management occupations expect farmers and farm managers, material recording, scheduling, dispatching and distributing workers, and vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics, installers and repairers.
The most common occupations for women are: cashiers, office and administrative support workers, sales and related workers, nursing psychiatric and home health aides, building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations, other management occupations except farmers and farm managers, and cooks and food preparation workers.
It was estimated that in 2007 the median household income was $36,410. Cost of living index for Mauston is 76.7 and is low compared to the US index of 100.

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Summer Schools: Full offering of remedial and enrichment offerings for K-8 and remedial courses for 9-12 students.
Vision Statement: Our vision is to create a community which works together to help all children reach their highest potential.
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Awards and Recognition: Mauston is proud to have the 2010 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year; Lyndon Station and Olson Middle School have both been cited as Wisconsin Schools of Promise for their high levels of student achievement.
Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our vision is to create a community which works together to help all children reach their highest potential.

Support Services:

A full range of counseling, nursing, psychological, At-Risk, SAP support available to our students.

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