South Summit School District

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Basic Information

Address: 285 E 400 S Kamas, Utah 84036
Phone Number: (435) 783-4301
Fax Number: (435) 783-4501
Superintendent: Shad E. Sorenson Ed.D

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Additional Information

Member Schools: South Summit Elementary, South Summit Middle School, South Summit High School
Board of Directors: Debra Blazzard, Craig Hicken, Suni Woolstenhulme, Jim Snyder, Steve Hardman
Mission Statement:

The mission of the South Summit District is to work with family and community in providing an educational foundation that promotes integrity, self-worth, and lifelong learning while developing healthy, productive, responsible members of society.

Belief Statements:

The student, family, school and community should be an ongoing partnership that is responsible for the learning environment.

Sound, fiscal decision-making and open, honest communication, combined with ethical behavior and integrity, are central to the organization and foster community trust.

The district promotes effective two-way communication and relies on students, staff, parents, guardians, and volunteers to be personally responsible in the educational process.

A standards-based curriculum, supported by assessment, data analysis, and appropriate professional development, guides instruction.

The district uses research-based instructional strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of all students.

Working in collaboration with community and parents the district will develop students who are well prepared for their future.