Tom Bean ISD

Basic Information

Address: P. O. Box 128, 7719 State Hwy. 7719, Tom Bean, TX 75489
Phone Number: 903-546-6076
Fax Number: 903-546-6104
Superintendent: Mrs. Kathy Garrison

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Additional Information

Member Schools: Region 10
Board of Directors: Brian Trentman, President; David Harrison, Vice-President; Jinger Peeples, Secretary; Stan Woodruff, Member; Steve Book, Member, James Harris, Member; Jimmy Jones, Member
Mission Statement:

The Mission of Tom Bean Independent School District through its commitment to “Achieving Excellence” is to

promote individual student success within a cooperative, supportive, and safe environment.

Accreditation and Recognition: Exemplary District; Superior Achievement - SCHOOL First
District Characteristics: Tom Bean ISD is a 2A school district with an enrollment of approximately 792 students. It is located within several large cities including, Sherman, McKinney, Plano, and Allen.
School Municipalities: The District enjoys a teacher/pupil ration of 1:11 and a computer/student ratio of 1:3. Approximate enrollment of 761 students and by campus: Elementary School (K-5): 353; Middle School (6-8) 184; High School (9-12): 260. Student Ethnic Ratio: White, 94%; Hispanic, 3%; American Indian, 1%; Asian, .1%; African American, 2%
Athletics: Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track, Tennis, Golf, Powerlifting

Mr. John Orozco, Curriculum Director has instituted C-Scope, Aware, A+, Odessey Ware, Study Island, Star Reading and Math, Accelerated Reading, Ed Options, Pre-AP courses, Dual Credit, and College Readiness.

Belief Statements:

Tom Bean ISD Belief Statements
1 We believe that the students can reach their full potential for success in life through the foundation of education.
2 We believe in pursuing excellence in education.
3 We believe that the District exists because of the students, and therefore, our thoughts, our activities, and our endeavors are
centered toward the general welfare of the child.
4 We believe it is our responsibility to develop the children physically, mentally, morally, and emotionally.
5 We believe the curriculum should provide for the opportunity to develop understanding, skills, and attitudes with depth,
complexity, and rigor to prepare students for life after graduation.
6 We believe in the commitment of providing effective instruction to develop the potential of all our students using the latest
techniques of teaching and contemporary technology.
7 We believe our intention is that all students who graduate from our District will acquire a foundation for a productive life and will
have the skills necessary for success in higher education and/or the workplace.
8 We believe our students will develop a sense of self-worth and confidence that will allow them to cope with their ever-changing
world environment.


The Tom Bean Independent School
District is located approximately 10
miles southeast of Sherman, Texas, and
approximately 50 miles north of Dallas
on State Highway 11, just 8 miles east
of US Highway 75. The District
encompasses 53 square miles in
Grayson County. Approximately 1900
people live in the District.

Organization Goals: 1. Tom Bean ISD will promote academic excellence through a balanced and rigorous curriculum and instruction for all students. 2. Tom Bean ISD will communicate with all stakeholders on a regular basis to provide parental involvement and community support. 3. Tom Bean ISD will commit resources to attract and retain highly qualified employees for all positions in the district. 4. Tom Bean ISD will support a safe and disciplined working environment for all Tom Bean ISD employees and students. 5. Tom Bean ISD will develop and continue drop out prevention efforts so that all students will earn their high school diplomas.
Delay/Closing Information: Ch. 10 KTEN TV Ch. 12 KXII TV KFYN 1420 / KFYZ 98.3 KIKT 93.5 / KGVL 1400 KLAK 97.5 (McKinney) Get instant emergency notifications via your email or cell phone text messaging via
A.P. Classes: Pre-Calculus, Pre-AP English 1 & 2, AP English, AP calculus
Transportation: School Bus transportation is provided
Libraries: Each campus has a library that uses the Alexandria system and T-Net.