Uinta County School District #6

Basic Information

Address: PO Box 1090 Lyman, Wyoming 82937
Phone Number: 307- 786- 4100
Fax Number: 307- 787- 3241
Superintendent: Kent Stokes

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Member Schools: Urie Elementary, Lyman Intermediate, Lyman High School
Board of Directors: Jim Eyre,Todd Rollins, Dan Covolo, Chad Martin, Sherri Bluemel
Mission Statement:

Mission Statement
It is the Mission of Uinta County School District #6 to provide learners of all ages and abilities with an environment and learning experiences such that each student will have opportunities for a quality education, to develop good self-esteem, and to become a responsible, self-directed person.

Accreditation and Recognition: Accredited by North Central Accreditation
Athletics: Basketball,Cheerleading, Cross-country, Swing Choir,Drama, Swimming, Speech, Track, Jazz Band, Dance, Wrestling, Golf, Football, Volleyball
Scholastic Perfomance: Lyman Schools are noted for achieving high academia. All schools do well on the Wyoming State Tests, and the high school has traditionally been near the top of the state in ACT scores.
Future Development Plans: New Administration office
Academics: All schools do very well on the State Tests
Summer Schools: Summer school starts when school ends for the summer for two weeks and has a second two week term toward the end of summer.