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Address: Buehler Challenger & Science Center 400 Paramus Road, Lot C Paramus, NJ 07652
Phone Number: 201-251-8589
Director: Kathie Klein, Center Director

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Buehler Challenger & Science Center
Buehler Challenger & Science Center

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Grade Levels:
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STEM Education

Pre-K through Adult!

Price varies depending on program.  Call the Center for details.

Onsite Programs:
5th - 8th grade:  School Missions
Pre-K & K Programs:  Little Astronauts, D is for Discovery, and S is for Space
1st-2nd grade:  Astronaut Adventure
3rd-4th grade:  B.L.A.S.T. - Building Learning Around Science & Technology
Teacher Professional Development also available.
Offsite Programs:
3rd-6th grade:  Shuttle Experience
K-8th grade:  StarLab

Additional Information:

More than a half million students and teachers across the United States, Canada, and England will experience the excitement of space exploration this year as part of Challenger Center simulation programs.  The Buehler Challenger & Science Center offers students the next best thing to actual space flight with two simulators, a mission control room designed after NASA Johnson Space Center and a space station laboratory.  Here students work in teams to monitor life support, conduct experiments and investigations, and implement navigation orders.  In this dynamic environment, students use principles of science, mathematics and technology to complete their tasks.

The Buehler Challenger & Science Center's experience is designed to provide your class with a broad, enriching experience.  To maximize this experience, teachers are required to attend a pre-mission workshop to be able to prepare their students for their Challenger mission.

Call now to experience "The Ultimate Field Trip!"

Note:  Pictures depicting rocket launch and rockets are Copyright 2011 Mitsu Yasukawa/The Record, Bergen County.