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Address: 216 Najoles Rd ste 600 Millersville, MD 21108
Phone Number: 410-987-1300
Director: Mei Len Sanchez-Barr

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Eco Adventures
Eco Adventures
Eco Adventures

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: Pre-registrations required 9am-5pm

Owned by Nat Geo's herpetologist/personality/book author-Dr. Brady Barr and marine biologist wife-
Mei Len Sanchez-Barr, Eco Adventures provides a variety of hands-on conservation programs in hopes to inspire young conservationists. Part of our mission includes housing many rescued and misplaced animals. Eco Adventures houses over 100 native and exotic animals on display and as animal ambassadors.

Our one-of-a-kind facility features a simulated rainforest full of animal exhibits and a glowing volcano, an "Underwater Pier" discovery room, an outside sluice and fossil Dig, and an outside field and classroom (Pixie Hollow) that neighbors the Severn Run Wildlife Area - 1700 acres of pristine wilderness! With each visit, you will notice something exciting and new: new animals, new exhibits, new themed decorations- and friendly and knowledgeable staff! Thousands have enjoyed and attended our award-winning programs, appearances at festivals and special events!

Grade Levels:
Group Type: Field trips, Outreaches, Pre-K classes, after school programs
Disabled Access:

We comply with ADA requirements and have access for wheelchairs.

Program Type:

At Eco Adventures, we are committed to providing the finest in conservation education. We offer enriching hands-on learning experiences through weekly classes, after-school programs, camps, field trips, outreach programs, scouting events, special programs, and more – all led by top-notch scientists & educators. We offer a variety of topics that include STEaM, environmental science, biology, marine biology, wildlife ecology, native species/Chesapeake Bay, Rainforest ecology, and more!  We also offer outdoor field trips in local nature parks and ECO travel to Florida and Costa Rica for your class!!  It is our pleasure to offer extraordinary experiences in hopes to connect the public with nature! So go ahead... Experience the Extraordinary!

Accreditation: NA
Admission/Tickets: NA
Registration: Pre-registration required
Food: Field trips bring their own lunches
Length of Visit: varies depending on the program, size of the group.... 1 hr-3+ hrs
Student/Staff Ratio: depends on the program
Max. Group Number: 130 people
Group Requirements: NA
Return Policy: NA
Exhibits: We have several animal exhibits to view while at the facility. Includes alligators, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, Kinkajou, Macaw/birds, tarantulas, lizards, with several habitat themed rooms such as a simulated rainforest, desert, Africa, Underwater rooms, fields, outdoor classroom, and a fossil dig.
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: Have a small Gift shop
Amenities: Usual amenities with HEPA filters, extra ventilation, sanitation practices for COVID protocols.
Videos/DVDs Shown: see website
Reservations Needed: yes

216 Najoles Rd. ste 600 Millersville, MD 21108
In the same business park as Docksiders Gymnastics across from Millersville Post Office.

Nearby Attractions: KinderFarm Park
Mission Statement:

Eco Adventures provides hands-on conservation programs in hopes to connect kids and families with the natural world.  With the use of our rescued animal ambassadors, we provide quality programming with conservation education messaging to help create a positive change in our planet. 

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe in hands-on learning. By participating hands-on, each participant will not only remember and learn more effectively but will connect with the topic more than just a lecture. We provide enrichment and FUN themes in many of our programs to make learning FUN!


"Take it from someone on the front lines, a recent visiting teacher from Annapolis Area Christian School, who proclaimed: "The best field trip ever and I have been teaching over 20 years ." Please move forward and plan a visit on The WILD SIDE, where you can touch, see, and "Experience the Extraordinary" at Eco Adventures!"

Facility History:

We are celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary this year and are considered a respected and big part of our local community. During Covid, our patrons and supporters carried us through with enormous amounts of animal supplies, volunteering hours, foods, donations, and encouragement! We love what we do for our community- and it shows!