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Address: 136 Tumblebrook Rd, Meriden, CT 06450
Phone Number: 12033170514
Person of Contact: CEO and Founder

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Boober Company LLC
Boober Company LLC

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Boober Company LLC. is an innovations hub for a multitude of projects. We have supported the development of community fridges, and increasing nutritional awareness, to developing an actual marketable product. We have developed a design for the worlds first Language Learning Tabletop Board Game. After 2 years of research, database building we are developed a supply chain and created two protypes. We are still raising money to cover developmental costs of the board games by selling Language Graphics. Our group learning game is built upon (but not limited to) 30 different languages and 60 conversational phrases. It's an introductory method to language learning for our youth.

As a value added asset the the innovation company also releases insight on the latest and greatest educational games to hit the market. These games include everything from STEM and Robotics, to Climate and Enviormental Education, even reading and literacy and music learning theory. These games and opportunities are shared to our customers through a an exclusive blog series.

In 2023 we went to the Department of Educations Games Expo to futher integrate ourselves into the market. It's our goal to share and provide these opportunties to our customers to make them educationally competitive for their professional futures.