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Address: 1964 NE 50th Ct, Ocala, FL 34470
Phone Number: 352-342-0373
Person of Contact: Greg Bradley

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Convergence Dynamic Solutions Group was founded in 2022 with a single mission: to offer unparalleled solutions to our customer's business needs.

Whether that means acting as a third party or working directly with our client for internal business issues, we have the skills and experience to offer a more personal and customizable approach to business problem-solving. Often there is a disconnect that creates relationship problems, contract compliance failures, and even a vendor potentially losing their contract.

With this in mind, we came together to offer unique insights and approaches to the contracting world stemming from years of service in the military, law enforcement, and the private security industry. We came to understand that these skills and experiences go well beyond just these industries and are transparent across the scope of contracted services.

We also realize that our clients are not just those with third-party vendors, but may simply need assistance with regulatory compliance or a training program for employees, or to have business assessments conducted to improve performance and budgets.