Flip Lok

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Address: 3250 Bingle Rd Houston, TX 77055
Phone Number: 713-977-1111
Person of Contact: Anna Reger

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Flip Lok

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Additional Information

Flip Lok is a "leading tool" for standardized active threat safety. The ADA approved, anodized commercial lock can withstand over 2,000 lbs. of force. Flip Lok is 10Xs stronger than a deadbolt lock. At Flip Lok, we focus on the safety of everyone with a simple solution for customers. Since its incorporation Flip Lok labors industriously to provide the most standardized active threat protocols to accompany our lock that far outweighs the potential of error with multi-step locks and also those that rely primarily on technology. We have proven that our mechanically engineered lock is more safe than anything on the market. Flip Lok can be operated by simply flipping the lock mechanism and it will drop and lock on its own without any additional movements required. Flip Lok is solving the urgent need of our schools, learning centers, and universities to keep everyone on campus safe in an active threat situation. ­­By providing Flip Lok and the safety awareness protocols with it each building everyone can have a peace of mind.

Our variety of business alliances is accompanied by companies in childhood learning centers, private schools, safety advocates, research, and safety markets. As one of education's most trusted safety product providers, our design and manufacturing takes place in Cypress, Texas as well as China.

One Flip Lok's stamp of authenticity is that our business is saving lives all with our Founder being a mother of six who took saving lives into action alongside, the knowledgeable engineering and support team diversity with team members emerging from educational leadership administration who share the same passion. Our staff is not only ready to assist you from the initial inquiry to post-purchase installation support, to ensure that your staff, students and administration are capable of utilizing Flip Lok with ease.

If you are looking for the most simple, safe, and durable product as the best solution to standardizing safety in active threat situations, Flip Lok is the solution - our team is dedicated and committed to providing you and your students, staff, and administrators with our product and protocols that you can count on for years to come.