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Address: 38 Miller Ave. Suite 5 Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone Number: 415-269-4067
Person of Contact: Mara Mustola

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Golden Goods USA
Golden Goods USA
Golden Goods USA
Golden Goods USA

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At Golden Goods, our goal is to make you look good and feel good wearing the school colors.

We produce a broad range of custom-branded, casual knit products that are incredibly wearable, super comfortable, and flattering. From preschool to high school, everyone loves "the feel" of wearing a "Golden" garment.

The market is oversaturated with inferior quality, sub-par, throw away clothes. Golden Goods is not fast-fashion. We help schools distinguish themselves through our elevated offerings. And our customer experience is second to none, leading to long term, repeat customers.

Each product is custom garment-dyed any school color, and decorated with eco-friendly water based printing inks which are insanely soft to the touch. Our tried and tested body styles are produced in a variety of premium quality fabrics. Our product offerings are sourced in multiple facilities here in the US and abroad, giving us the flexibility to meet your needs.

Golden Goods has been providing t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more for over 25 years. Check out our client testimonials,

Our school was looking for the softest and highest quality garments we could find. We received samples from several companies and the clear winner was Golden Goods. Not only are they the most comfortable, we were able to personalize nearly every aspect of the hoodies including zipper pulls and labels with our logo/mascot.

Our students absolutely love wearing their gear from Golden Goods!

  • David Allen-Hughes, M.Ed., Head of School, The Ross Preschool