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Address: available at various locations and we do arrange at schools.
Phone Number: 9729792559
Person of Contact: hetal joshi m, hetal nagaraj

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About Me and my company -
More than 17 years of education, experience & offering training in 10+ fields with In-depth Knowledge of Client Servicing, Sales, Engineering-Software(s), Construction and Remodeling, Human Resource, Information Technology Staffing & Development, CRM, SAAS, ERP, B2b, B2c, Microsoft Products, Project Management, Backend Sales & Marketing, Training-Development, Business-Mergers & Acquisitions, Immigration & Documentation, Commerce & Industry, Business Processes & Infrastructure, Corporate Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Personnel Management. Proficient to handle all softwares & applications because of education in Information Technology.
A successful 28 years in business, 39 years in performing arts with record breaking success in all the activities of performing arts and its related fields with more than 50 specialities -
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  1. I have worked with more than 12 ISD/charter/private schools for upper elementary, middle or high school.
  2. Successfully delivered programs such as building programs for fundraising programs for schools for new buildings or equipments, school activities, awareness programs, personality, character building, compliance, diversity awareness and inclusion, special diets and meal plans for charter and private schools such as vegan/vegetarians/non vegetarians with restrictions, therapy programs with strict doctors' prescriptions.
  3. I have offered workshops in more than 6 universities and educational institutes as well as govt programs such as senior living, teen speciality programs, pre teen speciality programs, montessori programs, elementary scouts.
  4. Available and fully support to take any certifications if needed for any premises or project if required or as required such as drug tests, smoking tests, physical fitness tests, cpr or aed or any other if required by the school or institute as required with list of "must have" trainings - often arranged by schools or institutes themselves-we just attend it.