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Address: 2633 NE 26th Ave, Lighthouse Pt, FL 33064
Phone Number: 9549420483
Fax Number: 9549429804
Person of Contact: Christine Speedy

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Concerned about Inflation, equitable healthcare or education? Our breakthrough technologies increase energy efficiency, reduce water consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and improve healthcare and education outcomes.

  1. Sanitize water, air and surfaces at a fraction of cost as ready to use products. EPA Covid kill rate 60 seconds. Food Safe. NSF certification to purify drinking water.
  2. Water efficiency technology changing conservation with hard­ware, software, and platform solutions that optimize water usage, resulting in both water and cost savings. Install and use same day, no capital outlay.
  3. Reduce and energy usage. Install and use same day, no capital outlay.
  4. Store energy. Works in conjunction with solar, and other energy solutions.
  5. Improve accessibility and equity with language translation and intepretation both automated and hybrid live. The ONLY USA technology fully compliant with all government regulations in the education market, including telehealth.