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Address: 8700 E Vista Bonita Dr. Suite 220 Scottsdale, Az 85255
Phone Number: 480 991 9497
Fax Number: 480-948-7955
Person of Contact: Donna McIntosh-Fletcher

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The McFletcher Corporation

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Additional Information

The McFletcher Corporation, a pioneer in the concept and practice of Alignment solutions for realizing the promise of work, is a recognized expert resource for workforce and workplace trends. ( For students to find their career fit.) McFletcher's products, processes and research equip organizations to create and sustain aligned work environments. These aligned environments enhance people, their organizations, the communities they serve and the lives of generations to come. ( Our students of today.)

  • Workforce and workplace research to educate and inform about current and future changes in workforce preferences and evolving workplace requirements of positions, professions, industries, cultures and societies
  • Work Alignment and WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Processes and Products that are easy for teaches and students to use and respectful of the diversity of our customers, cultures and communities
  • Research based studies, publishing and sharing Work Alignment and WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) applications and discoveries of changing and eveolbing work
  • Equipping in Work Alignment through learning transfer processes and sustained support
  • Consulting through coaching, modeling and serving as an expert resource