Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies

Basic Information

Address: 65 Ricker Rd Kinnelon, NJ 07405
Phone Number: 866-952-7376
Person of Contact: David Volpe

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Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies
Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies
Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies

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Additional Information

Prismatic Magic Laser Programs is a pioneer in educational and entertaining school assemblies and library programs. Our mission is to engage and inspire children to learn in new ways. We are passionate about using fun to unlock children's desire to learn. Over the last twenty years performing, we have discovered that the absolute best way to create an unforgettably fun environment is with a laser light assembly. All of our laser programs include music and stunning laser visuals to engage and inspire every student. And they are so much fun, your kids will be singing and cheering throughout.
Our most popular programs include:
READER: By encouraging avid reading techniques, we prime children to become active participant in their reading adventures.
BULLYING Assembly--an uplifting program that shows students why bullying and cyber-bullying, or even just standing by when someone else is bullied, is so detrimental.
BLACK HISTORY MONTH Assembly--Celebrate the profound contributions of African-Americans in an exciting new way. It is part history lesson and part uplifting musical revival
STEM assembly: an unforgettable science assembly that explores the mysteries of light, color, perception, and lasers. Culminating in an exciting laser light show this program proves that science is cool.

We also offer Halloween, Winter Holiday, Reading, Space, and Animal laser light shows as well!
Now we have also re-imagined these live programs as virtual field trips. Just choose the date and time, and we will dazzle you with an assembly brimming with lasers and performances beyond even what we can provide in person!