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Address: 2710 Crow Canyon Road, No. 1091 San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone Number: 844.787.4325 (844.PURHEAL)
Person of Contact: Ysla Par

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PurHeart espouses patient-centeredness baked into every fiber of the collective being. When we provide through the lens of the patient, all aspects of care improve at all levels. Our philosophy is firmly and deeply rooted in the belief that the patient comes first.

Ice Treatments
Our ice gel pack treatments lessen swelling, pain, and inflammation. Following an injury, blood vessels and tissues swell so immune cells can get closer to the damage. While vital to healing, uncontrolled inflammation may cause extreme pain and disability: ice packs minimize swelling, reduce tissue bleeding, and alleviate muscle spasms and pain.

Heat Treatments
Heat treatments help relax tissues, stimulate blood flow to the affected joint or muscle, and loosen stiff joints. Heat treatment is appropriate for chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis and old muscle strains.

Our Gel Packs