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Address: 5728 Schaefer Rd ste 201 Dearborn MI 48126
Phone Number: 3136242000
Fax Number: 3138464514
Person of Contact: Waseem Younis

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SchoolTron, the premier multiplatform tech solution for schools, empowers and connects administrators, teachers, parents, and students through innovative technologies, available on Android, web, and iOS devices. The SchoolTron software was designed in response to the chaos of after school dismissal. With SchoolTron, schools can streamline school attendance and dismissal without compromising student safety, and more.
With school institutions making the inevitable shift to more tech-oriented tools, SchoolTron offers a refreshing balance to the "too much vs. not enough" tech debate, recommending a mere handful of designated staff members use tablets or mobile devices to implement the software's central feature: dismissal. "The SchoolTron software increases the use of technology in the classroom while simultaneously increasing human interaction," says Waseem Younis, SchoolTron Founder. "By making administrative tasks and classroom management more efficient, teachers free-up time to focus on one-on-one student interactions, helping students build critical skills and allowing them more time to engage with the content." Teachers will be able to easily dismiss students, view student profiles, take digital attendance, connect with parents, update and manage class rosters and more, all from the palm of their hand, meanwhile setting a positive example of productive digital use.

Teachers can monitor student status throughout the school day and while keeping a digital record of attendance and dismissal to refer back to at a later date. SchoolTron is a speedy, convenient, effective way to keep students safe and help schools save on resources, while saving teachers and parents time and giving them peace of mind.

SchoolTron is subscription-based app available on the web, in the Google Playstore, and the App Store. For more information on SchoolTron, visit, email, or call 800.876.6915.