Capital City Adventist Christian School

Basic Information

Address: 1220 S. McKnight Road, St. Paul, MN, 55119
County: Ramsey
Congregation: St. Paul Eastside Seventh-day Adventist Church; St. Paul 1st Seventh-day Adventist Church; Maplewood Hispanic Church; South St. Paul Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church; Stillwater SDA Church; St. Paul Karen SDA church;
Phone Number: 651-739-7484

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Multi-grade
Founded: 1907
Conference: Minnesota
Union: Mid-America
Division: North American Division
Ages/Grades: 4-14/Pre-K-8th
School Setting:

Suburban setting.

School Size: 35
Classroom Size: 10-20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 12/1


Financial Aid:


Camp Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Each classroom is equipped with computers.

Parking Spaces/Availability: