Crystal Springs School

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Basic Information

Address: 38 Narrows Road, Assonet, MA 02702
County: Bristol
Phone Number: 508-644-3101
Fax Number: 508-644-2008

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Additional Information

President: Kathleen Lovenbury
School Type: Residential Education
Founded: 1953
Ages/Grades: 3-22 ungraded
School Setting:

We are located on 45 acres in Assonet, a small village in Southeast Massachusetts that is 45 minutes from Boston, 70 minutes from Worcester and 30 minutes from Providence. Our year-round program offers a full array of educational, therapeutic, medical, clinical and residential services that are tailored to meet each person’s unique needs and learning styles, in an environment that stresses individual strengths and relationships. Our campus-style setting features: Beautiful Residential 6-8 Person Homes; Bright and Spacious Classrooms; Accessible Playground and Basketball Court; Medical Services Building; Therapeutic Rehabilitation Center including an Indoor Heated Therapeutic Swimming Pool and state-of-the-art Sensory Room; Pre-Vocational Workshop; Spacious Gymnasium and;a Universally-Accessible Treehouse

School Size: 50
Classroom Size: average 6 students per class
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:3:
Admissions Requirements:

Crystal Springs School offers rolling admissions throughout the year. Inquiries are accepted from parents, school departments, state agencies, clinicians and special education advocates. Referrals are typically accepted from school departments and state agencies. All referrals for admissions are reviewed by an interdisciplinary clinical team. Observation visits are scheduled to meet the student and families are invited to tour the campus and meet with the intake team.

Mission Statement:

Crystal Springs provides individualized programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities while embracing and nurturing each person’s pursuit of growth, independence, dignity, and choice.

School History:

Crystal Springs School was established in 1953 as a therapeutic nursery for high risk infants. Our growth over the years has mirrored the Commonwealth’s progress toward making diverse, specialized programs available to people with disabilities.

Notes/School Information:

Crystal Springs School provides residential, educational, and treatment services for children, adolescents, and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which may be accompanied by behavior or physical challenges, and/or medical conditions.A full array of therapeutic and clinical services is integrated into our personalized, multi-modal, sensory-based approach to special education and care.Our program operates year-round and focuses on developing functional skills in our students. Programs are highly individualized. We offer 24-hour on-site nursing and maintain residential care and supervision provided by 24-hour, awake staff. Other professional staff are on-site or on-call on a 24-hour a day basis in order to ensure that students' needs and safety are addressed appropriately.