Jackson-Feild Home for Girls

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Basic Information

Address: 546 Walnut Grove Dr., Jarratt, Va. 23867
County: Greenville, County, Va
Phone Number: 434-634-3217 (3034)
Fax Number: 434-634-9847

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Jackson-Feild Home for Girls

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Additional Information

School Type: Residential Non-profit Educational Facility for Adolescenst Girls
Founded: 1855
Ages/Grades: 7-12
School Setting:


School Size: 55
Classroom Size: 7 Average
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5/1

Varies depending on needs and program assignment


Education ( including regular, special, GED,College,Post-graduate),Resendential services, Clinical services, Mother/infant, Independent living


Traditional High School program of studies leading to a regular, GED, Modified, or Special Diploma

Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Each classroom is equipped with multiple computer stations. Approaches a 1:1 computer:student ratio.

School Championships:

Not involved in interscholastic athletic competition

Uniform Guidelines:

No uniforms for students

Admissions Requirements:


Mission Statement:


Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe in the education of the whole child teaching each girl to change their world

School History:

Started in 1855 as an Episcopal orphanage for girls. In the late 1900s'it became a group home for girls and in 1994 a school was added to the existing campus programs. The school (Gwaltney School) began graduating students with various diplomas in June 1998 and continued doing so until the present.

Notes/School Information:

Gwaltney School, an institution created by Jackson-Feild Homes for educating troubled young ladies in residence at its Jarratt, Virginia facility, specializes in working with regular students and students with ED,LD,OHI, ADHD,or ADD classifications.