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Basic Information

Address: 94 Readington Road - North Branch, NJ 08876
County: Somerset
Phone Number: 908-722-8222

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The Midland School
The Midland School
The Midland School
The Midland School

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Additional Information

President: Shawn McInerney
School Type: Special Education
Founded: 1960
Ages/Grades: 3-21
School Setting:

A tranquil campus conducive to learning.
Located on 57 picturesque acres in Somerset County, New Jersey, The Midland School has a bright and contemporary atmosphere, small teacher to student ratios, areas for special instruction, and is fully handicapped accessible. The campus includes athletic fields, a playground, a student garden, a picnic area and swimming pool. In addition to the school, there is a separate work center, and facilities for teaching independent living skills

School Size: 100
Classroom Size: 7

Midland's nonprofit, nonsectarian school is financed primarily through tuition from sending school districts.


To meet the unique needs of each student, Midland teachers and instructional aides implement an individualized educational program (IEP) for every child and works with the public school child study team to assess and modify the plan on an ongoing basis. To accommodate various learning and developmental levels, teachers utilize a multi-sensory approach and incorporate as many styles of presentation as possible.


Midland’s academic curriculum meets all New Jersey core curriculum standards and includes reading, math, language skills, science and social studies. When appropriate, functional skills are emphasized to provide students with the tools they need to learn and grow.

The Midland curriculum goes beyond basic education and includes courses in art, music, horticulture, woodshop, computer lab and library, adapted physical education and health. To encourage independence, we teach critical life skills such as meal preparation, laundry and household maintenance.

Midland uses assemblies and field trips to supplement and reinforce our curriculum. Additional learning opportunities are available through participation in intramural sports, chorus, drama, instrumental music, and the student council.

Support Services:

Speech, occupational and physical therapies are available at Midland. Midland's social workers and psychologist offer group and individual counseling for students and supports for families. Midland also offers monthly Learning Institute seminars to provide resources and information to family and the community.

After School Programs: Yes
School Clubs:

Drama, chorus, student council, girl scouts, boy scouts, intramural sports, respite weekends, after school program, boys life club.

Uniform Guidelines:

No uniform guidelines

Admissions Requirements:

The Midland School is committed to providing contemporary and highly individualized instruction. Midland serves students ages 3-21 and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin. The nonprofit, nonsectarian school is financed primarily through tuition from sending school districts. Referrals are made by the prospective student’s Child Study Team. Midland’s staff reviews each applicant’s records to determine whether the school can appropriately meet the needs of the student.

Mission Statement:

Midland promotes personal achievement and fosters independence for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing a range of innovative programs.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Midland's goal is to maximize each student’s potential and be the catalyst that helps each student to achieve the highest level of independence possible.

School History:

The Midland School opened in 1960 for two students with developmental disabilities with the mission of helping the students reach their highest level of independence and achievement.
Today, The Midland School serves students with multiple disabilities from over 60 school districts throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. Our program is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education with highly-qualified and state certified faculty.

Notes/School Information:
More than a School

Helping every member of the Midland family

To enhance social skills and provide opportunities for students to have fun, recreational activities such as trips, picnics, parties and dances are offered. There are special days for parents, grandparents and siblings to visit the school, as well as student concerts, sporting events and special dinners. The Midland School also offers educational programs for parents to address topics as diverse as behavioral management or planning for their child's future.
The Midland School offers regular weekend respites that provide opportunities for students to get a sense of independent living and for parents to get a break from child rearing. At each session, 5-6 students plan the weekend's activities including preparing meals and entertainment. The sleepover weekend, supervised by Midland staff, promotes independences, decision making, and cooperation.

Life After Midland

Graduates may receive employment and community residential services from Midland Adults Services, Inc. The Midland adult employment program employs graduates and offers training and long-range job placement and follow-along services. Midland's residential program provides housing in community based homes and apartments in the community.
The School has an active Alumni Association. Graduates plan a variety of recreational events throughout the year, including swim parties, dances and dinners. A "weekend getaway" program allows graduates to gather together for weekend trips to New York City, Boston, Vermont and other exciting places.