The Midland School

Basic Information

Address: PO Box 5026 94 Readington Road North Branch, NJ
County: Somerset
School District: Northern and Central New Jersey
Phone Number: 908-722-8222
Fax Number: 908-722-6203

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The Midland School
The Midland School

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Additional Information

President: Shawn M. McInerney
School Type: Special Education
Founded: 1960
Ages/Grades: 3 to 21 years old
School Setting:

Located on 57 picturesque acres in central New Jersey, The Midland School is designed for children with special needs. The campus includes athletic fields, a playground, a student garden, a picnic area and swimming pool.

School Size: 100+ students
Classroom Size: Classes vary in size from six to a maximum of 12 in a class. Generally, the younger students have the smaller classes and the teens the larger ones. All classes have a teacher and an aide working with them
Student/Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Determined by an actual cost formula established by the NJ DOE and paid by the local sending school district through a combination of federal, state and local tax revenues.

Financial Aid:



Multi-sensory approach to learning. Our program addresses students individual needs and alters a learning style that is most effective to their needs.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100
Support Services:

Social skills program, social work services, speeach/language, career planning, work program, job coaching, health services, occupational therapy

Computer Capabilities:

Every classroom has an interactive flat panel, 2 computers and an iPad

School Championships:

The School is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and was twice honored by the United States Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

School Clubs:

Extra curricular activities occur during the school day are drama, photography, chorus, instrumental instruction, student council, intramurals sports, ceramics. After school activities include girl scouts, cub scouts troops, variety of social/recreational activities

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:


Admissions Requirements:

The Midland CST accepts student paperwork with letters of application from all public school districts.

Mission Statement:

Promote personal achievement and fosters independence for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing a range of innovative programs. Our comprehensive special education program serves the individuals, academic, social and emotional and career education needs. Provide quality programs that enable its students to reach their highest level of achievement and independence allowing them to become contributing members of their community.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

To facilitate the growth and development of each student in the way most effective. Each student's abilities and needs are at the center of all programming decisions. Our program are flexible and adaptable. Programs and interactions are designed to be positive and proactive.

School History:

The Midland School opened its doors in 1960 for two students with developmental disabilities. Today the school serves approximately 100 students from central and northern New Jersey. The School is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and was twice honored by the United States Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

Notes/School Information:

The Midland School is a private day school for students with an Extended School Year option, post graduate transition services and job placements.

The school provides a comprehensive education in reading, mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, music, art, general shop, and adaptive physical education. Programs to develop self-help and daily living skills with community based instruction and experiences enhance the student's ability to function independently in the community.

Health services are provided by school nurses in direct care, and counseling. Psychological and social work services are available for students, parents, and families. Speech and language therapy and activities improve receptive and expressive language skills. A consultative occupational therapy model is integrated into all aspects of the program. Social and recreational experiences are provided on weekends and after school. Family support programs including weekend respites for students, informational workshops for parents, and family picnics and special events are held throughout the year.

Midland has a career program that helps students develop the skills and behaviors to prepare them for the world of work. Career clusters simulate work experiences in different areas including clerical work, maintenance, manufacturing, food preparation, data entry, recycling, horticulture, imprinting and many others.

When students reach age 18, they move from "simulated" jobs to actual job placements in the greater community. Students experience 12 or more job placements before graduation. At age 20, students enter a transition class where the focus is preparing and assisting them in the process of moving from school to work in their community. In addition to the school program, Midland Adult Services provides community housing, job training, job placement services, and social/recreational activities to support and enrich the lives of Midland graduates and other adults with special needs.