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Basic Information

Address: 162 Egypt Road Jeffersonville, PA. 19403
County: Montgomery
Phone Number: 610-277-0660
Fax Number: 610-539-1493

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The Pathway School
The Pathway School
The Pathway School

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Additional Information

President: Mr. David Schultheis
School Type: Approved Private School
Founded: 1961
Ages/Grades: 5-21
School Setting:

The Pathway School is an approved private school located in Montgomery County. Our 12 acre property provides ample opportunity for students to learn in the classroom, on our grounds and we are situated close to locations which provide enriching community integration activities. Through experiential learning, our therapeutic environment and a holistic student development mindframe, The Pathway School enhances the lives of our students and their families.

School Size: 160
Classroom Size: 8
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:4


Financial Aid:



Our education team is made up of Special Education teachers, and our students are supported by related service professionals including: Reading Therapist, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapists, School Nurse, BCBA, Behavior Interventionists. Students benefit from additional experiences as you would have in school through Creative Art class, Physical Education and our Drama program.


The Pathway School delivers instruction to students using multiple resources. Because each students' learning abilities and needs are different, we pride ourselves on individualized programming - to include the tools and resources that are appropriate to use based on the needs of a student.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Support Services:

Reading Therapy
Health Services
Occupational Therapy
Behavior staff - BCBA and Behavior Interventionist
Psychological services staff - Social Workers and School Psychologists
Transition Services
Career Education

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: No
Computer Capabilities:

Each classroom has Smart Board or Promethean Board technology which are used substantially in classroom teaching. Students are also assigned a tablet that they will use to support their learning. Our STEM program provides a rich opportunity to students to experience technology - regardless of their capability level, and we continue to expand offerings so that all students participate in a meaningful way.

School Clubs:

Creative Arts

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

No uniforms are required at The Pathway School

Admissions Requirements:

The admissions team reviews current educational records (IEP, RR, FBA, PBSP, assessments/evaluations done in the last 2 years) to determine if the needs of a student can be met based on that records review. If the team feels our program could be an appropriate option to consider, the student and his guardians are invited to come to campus for a tour and intake meeting.

Tours can be scheduled at any time during the decision-making process, and do not require that a referral has been submitted.

Mission Statement:

The Pathway School has evolved since it's start in 1061, and we respect and appreciate our history. Throughout all of its growth, the school's mission has remained the same: to build academic, social, and life skills in students with special needs, to promote their success and independence after Pathway.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that every student deserve the right to a quality education in an environment which challenges their abilities and supports their needs. Each student has the right to be respected and encouraged, and to learn from every experience they have. We value the collaboration from our families and the support professionals who may be involved with a student after school hours. We believe that through strong collaboration, the students will gain skills and be able to generalize them to other environments. Our goal is to provide the supports and services necessary to help all consider when a student is ready for a less restrictive environment, and we work collaboratively with our school partners and parents to bridge a responsible transition from Pathway to that next school program.

School History:

At its founding in 1961, Pathway was among the very few schools in the greater Philadelphia area designed exclusively for the learning disabled child, and unified the disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, medicine and social work with education. Since then, The Pathway School has increased the size of enrollment and staff who support the students, developed the vibrant learning environment located on a 12-acre campus in Jeffersonville, and solidified its reputation as a leader in innovative, quality programs and services for those who need a specialized education.