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Basic Information

Address: 41 Crossroads Plaza, Suite 133, Connecticut 06117
Phone Number: 18608812227
Program Director: Dionisio urbina

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Additional Information

Founded: 2001
Number of Students: 15 on each program
Student Body Type: 15-18 years old with an interest in archaeology/ history/ adventure/ travel abroad
Grades: 10-11-12
Ages Accepted: 15 to 18 years old
Session Start Date: June 20 2021
Session End Date: July 10 2021
School/Campus Setting:

Roman Fortress Pulpon is a Roman site located in Carrascosa del Campo (Spain). Archaeospain headquarters is "El jardín de San Bartolome" a traditional house constructed in 1840. Housing, meals, seminars/workshops will be conducted at the house.

Application Deadline: Rolling application. We accept applications until all spaces are filled.
Diversity: International field school
% of Faculty with Advanced Degree(s): 100%
Student/Teacher Ratio: 7 students per teacher
Pricing: Fees: US$ 3.450 Program Fees Include: • Full room and board • Fieldwork training • Excursions and other activities • Transportation to and from airport on first and last days of program • Daily transport to the site • Medical Insurance • Application fee • Administrative costs • Certificate of 120h of practice Part of your fee will go toward the research project. Fees DO NOT include airfare.
Mission Statement:

Its goal has always been to provide opportunities for people from all over the world to engage in scientific research at important archaeological projects in Spain, Italy an Greece.
Not only do our students learn about archaeology, history, culture, and language, but they become active members of a research team that is contributing to historical knowledge with each archaeological season.

School History:

ArchaeoSpain was created in 2001 by a group of archaeologists and educators committed to furthering cultural exchange and experience in archaeology.To date, more than 700 people from 26 countries and over 200 universities have joined our programs in Spain Italy an Greece. Many of the students obtained academic credit at their universities for their participation. In the case of our High school students, participating in ArchaeoSpain program helped them decided their future carrear and was a step up when applying to their preferred university.

Additional Information: Roman Fortress Pulpon Field School for stuents 15-18 years old, is a hands-on experience in excavation and laboratory at a unique Roman site in the heart of Spain. It is a deep immersion in field archaeology, Roman history and Spanish culture where students will contribute to the research that aims to piece together the story of how Roman culture developed across the Iberian Peninsula.
While working as field crew along professional archaeologists You will be learning the methods and techniques of an archaeological excavation, using tools, working with stratigraphy, using record sheets and writing down an excavation journal. Collecting, cleaning and classifying different artifacts will be part of your daily work as well as drawing structures and archaeological materials.

  • Stratigraphy and archaeological record
  • Archeology in Roman Fortres Pulpon 2014-2019
  • The great building: Photogrametry and 3D reconstruction
  • Roman pottery
  • The roman lapis specularis​ mines in Spain.
  • Archaeological drawing - ceramics

​You will have the opportunity to meet different aspects of the Spanish culture at the weekend and afternoon excursions. We will visit the great town of Toledo, the city of Cuenca and its archaeological museum, the Roman city of Segóbriga, the monastery of Uclés, the Medieval castle of Zorita de los Canes and a Roman mine of lapis specularis. There will be some hiking at the natural park of the Enchanted city and a fun day with kayaks at the beautiful lake of Bolarque.