KCP International Japanese Language School

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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 28028, Bellingham, WA, USA, 98228
Phone Number: 360-647-0072
Program Director: Mike Anderson

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KCP International Japanese Language School
KCP International Japanese Language School
KCP International Japanese Language School
KCP International Japanese Language School

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Additional Information

Founded: 1983
Number of Students: 800+
Grades: GPA of at least 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale)
Ages Accepted: 18+
Session Start Date: June 21, 2024 (Summer Short-term), July 4, 2024 (Summer term)
Session End Date: August 14, 2024 (Summer Short-term), September 19, 2024 (Summer term)
School/Campus Setting:

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Application Deadline: April 22, 2024 (Summer Short-term), May 5, 2024 (Summer term)
Diversity: International
Student/Teacher Ratio: 11/1
Pricing: From $2,800
Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Providing the best in quality Japanese language education.

School History:

Since 1983, KCP International Japanese Language School has set a high standard for immersive language and culture education. With 20+ years collaborating with accredited U.S. universities, our dedicated faculty and support staff ensure the success of students from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and other western countries in achieving proficiency in Japanese.

KCP, a not-for-profit educational foundation, is one of the largest and most highly recognized language institutes in Japan, As of April 2007, KCP has been granted Gakko Hojin status. Gakko Hojin is a rigorous educational evaluation and accreditation process overseen by the Tokyo metropolitan government ministry.

Additional Information:

Summer programs:

  • Summer Semester
  • Summer Short-term
  • Online Summer Short-term

These Summer programs offer opportunities for proficiency in Japanese in an intense summer season. Each program provides time to broaden your experience in Japan's culture with excursions to cultural spots, museums, palaces, theaters, and businesses.

Summer Semester:

The summer semester program is a total immersion intensive Japanese language course of the same duration as a semester, yet it's just short enough to fit into the summer of an academic year.
We offer:

  • 8 language skill levels
  • 200 class hours
  • Lots of excursions and cultural activities
  • Special course on Japanese culture

Summer Short-term:

Experience 8 exciting weeks of intense, nonstop immersion. Take class in the direct method--entirely in Japanese--which will make a big difference in your language ability and expose you to Tokyo's summer culture, including the height of festival season.
We offer:

  • 6 language skill levels
  • 160 class hours
  • 10 semester language credits

Online Summer Short-term:

Enhance your Japanese skills this summer with online learning. Immerse yourself in Japan's language and culture through live classroom sessions, native speaker interactions, and diverse learning resources.
We offer:

  • Beginner Levels 1 and 2
  • 150 hours
  • 15 quarter/10 semester credits