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Address: 1938 Avenida del Oro Oceanside, CA 92056
Phone Number: 800-228-5327
Program Director: Bobbi DePorter

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Grades: 6 – 12+
Session Start Date: June 27, 2020
Session End Date: August 13, 2020
School/Campus Setting:

Stanford University, Cal State Long Beach, Villanova University

Pricing: $2,495 - $3,995
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Junior Forum (grades 6-8)

In 21st century learning, communication is considered one of the most important skills for students to grasp. At Junior Forum, students learn to communicate with teens from different areas, schools and backgrounds. Using our system for clear communication students have the opportunity to step on stage for public speaking, express their thoughts with our Think-In-Ink activity, and understand best practices for interacting with parents, teachers, and peers.

Time Management
With six different teachers, heavier homework loads and more extracurricular activities, time management is one of the most important skills for preteens to master. SuperCamp teaches students to take ownership of their time.

Quantum Strategies
Middle school students are very literal. At SuperCamp we break down the learning process, so that students know what they have to do in school every day to do better. Our 10-24-7 system helps students learn and retain content from the time the lesson is introduced. We give them a concrete structure of how to study so that they're prepared to do well on homework, quizzes, projects and tests.

Senior Forum (grades 9-12)

Learning Techniques
Students gain specialized academic strategies applicable in any learning situation. Knowing how to apply each one in the appropriate setting is just as important as learning the strategies themselves. Our goal is to give students the ability to discern what will work best in each situation.

Emotional and Relational Strategies
Senior Forum is a pattern change for teens and they experience many personal insights during their time at SuperCamp. They're living in a college dorm room, eating in a campus cafeteria, and are surrounded by new friends from around the world. We teach them communication strategies that build relationships. These create positive patterns to apply for their continued success.

Quantum Academy (Grade 12 plus incoming and current college students)
Is designed to immerse high school seniors and new and returning college students in activities that open their eyes to what they need to succeed in college and beyond. In building habits for success students participate in team activities, workshops, dialogue, and personal reflection, and gain awareness and strategies on how to successfully navigate their college years and build a solid foundation for their career and life beyond the campus. A prime focus of this program--that comes into play in most of the following areas--is the development by students of a personal growth plan and clearly defined action steps.