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Phone Number: 00420 222 517 869
Fax Number: 00420 222 517 870
Director: Martin Hejhal

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School: Accredited TEFL course provider
Program Dates: 8 September 2014 – 3 October 2014 13 October 2014 – 7 November 2014 17 November 2014 – 12 December 2014 12 January 2015 – 6 February 2015 2 March 2015 – 27 March 2015 13 April 2015 – 8 May 2015 25 May 2015 – 19 June 2015 29 June 2015 – 24 July 2015 3 August 2015 – 28 August 2015 7 September 2015 – 2 October 2015 12 October 2015 – 6 November 2015 16 November 2015 – 11 December 2015
Degree Level: Bachelor Degree
Languages: English
Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching: English
Cost: 1200€
Program Information:

Live TEFL Prague, offered in the capital of the Czech Republic, is a balanced, comprehensive, 4-week intensive course combining a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. To guarantee you personal and individualized tuition and guidance, there will be a maximum number of eight students on each course! Together with the intensive 130 hour course you also get full service for your Prague stay. We provide assistance before, during and after your course to help you relocate, live in Prague, become TEFL/TESOL trained and find a TEFL job.

After you pass our Live TEFL course your options will expand – you can stay teaching English in Prague or travel around world. Teaching English abroad is one of the easiest ways to experience life in another country, and a new culture. It’s also a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a different language. Moreover, it will provide funding for your travels and could eventually lead to a long-term job as a TEFL teacher.

So what makes Live TEFL Prague so special? Why is it the best English course in Prague? We have had mixed experiences employing teachers fresh from TEFL courses. New teachers often lack practical experience. So we decided to develop a course addressing this lack of practical skills. Our graduates are ready to successfully teach a wide portfolio of courses and use modern methods of teaching English, including ICT.

What does our TEFL course include? A job guarantee, job guidance, a video resume, visa support, work permit, business license and housing guidance, a guided tour through Prague and much more. And of course a TEFL certificate.

Why study TEFL in Prague? – This question really is a no-brainer! Prague offers fantastic job opportunities, and the cost of living is really low. Not to mention all the other benefits of living in Prague: Czech food and beer, the vibrant nightlife, abundant cultural events,a rich historical and cultural heritage...