Yuanyang Culture Phoenix Group Asia

Basic Information

Phone Number: +886-3-3348711
Director: Sandra King

Action Shots

Yuanyang Culture Phoenix Group Asia
Yuanyang Culture Phoenix Group Asia
Yuanyang Culture Phoenix Group Asia
Yuanyang Culture Phoenix Group Asia

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Additional Information

Subject/Position: ESL/English teachers
School: Tainan/Yunlin/Hsinchu
School Type: public schools/langague center
Program Dates: 2023.8-2024.7
Minimum Education: Bachelor
Degree Level: Bachelor
Job Types: English teaching job
Languages: English
Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching: Prfessional
Cost: airfare and rental fee but will be reimbursed
Salary/Benefits: 65230-100010 TWD
Experience Required:

It's preferred to have ESL teaching experience.
1.Write lesson plan
2.Evaluate and assess students' English level and ability
3.Develop and design engaging and enjoyable class activities
4.Set and manage class order
5.Be able to utilize and operate teaching media and teaching aids

Programs Open To: English native speakers
Travel Arrangements:

rental search

Application Process:

CV and qualification review-->online interview arrangement-->send/sign the contract if hired-->work permit application-->visa/passport-->book airplane ticket/rental place search-->arrival-->agent helps to settle down/ARC (ID card) application

Teaching Level: G1-G9
Hours: 20-25 classes/each, class 40/45 mins
Visa Requirements:

Depends on the country. Some countries have visa-free and 60-90 days stay.

Program Highlights:

With the purpose of creating bilingual environments to make students speak English naturally in different subject classes.

Curriculum Highlights:

The program adopts the EMI approach (English as a Medium of Instruction) and believes the children could learn English through subjects like P.E., arts, etc.

Program Information:

Followed by the Bilingual 2030 Policy, the Ministry of Education continues to support local governments in recruiting Foreign teachers to join public schools in Taiwan.