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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 5986, Bend OR 97708-5986
County: USA
School District: Bend La Pine, Oregon
Phone Number: 800-910-0412
Fax Number: 541-389-2897

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Academy at Sisters
Academy at Sisters
Academy at Sisters
Academy at Sisters

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Additional Information

Founded: 1994
Ages/Grades: 13-18 years old
Gender: Female only
Enrollment: Year-round
Duration: 14-18 months
School Setting:

Small boarding school located on a ranch in beautiful Central Oregon.

School Size: 25 students at each campus
Classroom Size: small

$5,900 a month

Support Services:

Parents work directly with a Parent Coach that is certified through the Next Step for Success program. This helps the parents to become more confident in working with their daughter, understanding the treatment that she is receiving and how they can best support her during this time of change.

Accreditation Licenses: Accredited with the Northwest Accreditation Commission and licensed by the Oregon Department of Education.
Professional Affiliations:

Member of National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).

Area of Focus:

The Academy is a therapeutic boarding school offering personalized treatment planning for each girl with an assigned Case Manager and oversight from our Clinical Treatment Team that is lead by Dr. Julie Schneider.

Our on-campus J Bar J Learning Center Academic Program is an integral part of our Treatment Program, varied and challenging with a low teacher/student ratio, making us the leading Oregon Boarding School for at-risk girls.

Mission Statement:

The Academy at Sisters is a small school for troubled girls ages 13 to 18, providing emotional, behavioral and academic services.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our Lodge and Read campuses have a capacity of approximately 25 girls each. We teach students to, "learn from the past, plan for the future, and live responsibly in the present".

School History:

The Academy was founded in 1994 in beautiful Bend, Oregon, at the base of the Three Sisters Mountains, Faith, Hope and Charity.


"Jenny is doing great; she is responsible, caring, kind and fun! Her experience at the Academy was exactly what she needed. I can never thank you enough for giving Jenny back to us." Ellen and Devon
"Words cannot express our gratitude for your timeless efforts and loving support. What a blessing you people are to the students and their families." Sincerely grateful, Roger and Felicia
"The debt of gratitude we owe you at the Academy is really beyond expression. Katherine is willing to discipline herself and achieve her goals. She is back on track after so many years in the downward spiral." All the best, Bill M.
"My daughter did a 180 degree turn! She is responsible...I can leave her alone...I trust her! She is AWESOME!" Marian
"We knew we had to do something for our daughter who was sixteen and making choices damaging to herself as well as to our family. When you start to look at options for help, it can be scary because there are so many places to choose from. You want to know that she will be safe and taken care of. Well, this is the place. The Academy at Sisters was an incredible program for our daughter. She not only graduated High School, but she has a new outlook in life. She is in college now due to a caring team of therapists and staff. The home setting is a wonderful place and the Sister Mountains a gift. Chelsea loved the equestrian program!" Thanks again sisters! Cyndi and Jeff
"I got better control of my thoughts and realized that I can control what my mental state is. I’ve improved my self-esteem, consequential thinking and coping skills. Thanks!!!" Ariel
"I have higher self-confidence, lower stress, better communication skills, and healthy ways of living.’ Sarah
"I built stronger relations with my family. TCR helped me the most…it got my mind on track…got in tune with myself and I was able to find the real Zoe." Zoe
"I know I am the one that changed myself…it’s helped me to be more positive and pleasant to be around. Thanks so much. I will never forget the wonderful staff and this experience." Jamie
"I’ve been able to have a better relationship with my parents. I’ve gained confidence in myself. I loved the activities. Don’t change a thing." Arlette
"I have done so much better in school...I received A’s and B’s at Bend High School. Better relations with my family…I’ve stopped lying, blaming, excuse-making." Amy
"I am so glad I was sent here. The Academy totally rocks! I found the information easy to apply to my real life. Lessons on empathy helped me tackle the root of my thinking. I really liked all the activities." Ally
"I’ve made a lot of changes with decision-making, family relations, love for myself, internet addictions, school. Everything here is helpful, even the little things - loved cross country skiing, snow shoeing." Melanie
"Staff were definitely people I could confide in. I learned to be rational, responsible, make good decisions…amazing family life now. I changed my thinking...I feel good about that !!! Thanks for how much you helped me."Gwen
"I loved the horse program. I’ve gained much self-confidence, patience. I’ve changed how I understand people." Lindsey
"Being held accountable was the most helpful because many of my behaviors had become such a habit. I didn’t notice the motives behind them. I got out of my negative head space. Enjoyed the Tae Kwon Do and working for Special Olympics." Bianca

Notes/School Information:

Academy at Sisters:  The Northwest Premier Therapeutic Boarding School for Adolescent Girls

Academy at Sisters is located in Bend, Oregon, we accept at-risk teenage girls 13-18 years old.  Operating for 18 years.    Average length of stay:  14-18 months. 

Why choose the Academy at Sisters for your daughter? 

The Academy at Sisters troubled girls boarding school has a proven track record of success and safety. It is evidence-based and is considered a best practices program by national standards.  The Academy at Sisters offers personalized treatment planning for each girl with an assigned Case Manager and oversight from our Clinical Treatment Team. Length of stay is approximately one year to 18 months.

Our on-campus Learning Center Academic Program is an integral part of our Treatment Program, varied and challenging with a low teacher/student ratio, making us the leading Oregon Boarding School for at-risk girls. The Academic Program is accredited with the Northwest Accreditation Commission and registered with Oregon Department of Education.  Over a year, students on average jumped 2 grade levels in Writing, 4.2 grade levels in Math, and 2.3 grade levels in Reading. 

Administrative Management is a knowledgeable and caring team providing a wide range of expertise to our personalized treatment program for troubled female adolescents. Academy staff are qualified, committed, experienced and dedicated to the success and well-being of every girl.

We offer an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program. This program provides metaphors of therapeutic value for our at-risk girls.