America's All Stars

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Address: 121 S. Orange Avenue Suite 1500 (North Tower) Orlando, FL 32801
Phone Number: 407-377-6644
Fax Number: 407-377-6801
Director: Brian Roquemore

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Youth Development
Population Served: America's young people K-12
Ages for Volunteer: Any
Hours of Service: Any
Minimum Hours Required: Any
Days of Service: Any
Mission Statement:

Building Chracter by Serving Others!

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The mission of America's All Stars is to build outstanding character in millions of young people by making responsible citizenship exciting. We are reaching out to an entire generation of young people from Kindergarten through 12th grade to teach respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, and the work ethic in order to break the cycle of drugs, gangs, violence, dropouts, and teen pregnancy that is devastating our country.


We have designed one of the largest publicity campaigns ever to attract millions of kids to character-developing activities promoted by celebrities and athletes.  We make it "cool" for kids to do what’s right by holding events nationwide on the same days.  The Kellogg Foundation documented that community service enhances grades, behavior and character, i.e., if we can make kids feel like heroes, they will act like heroes. 


Brian Littrell of The Backstreet Boys was our 2006 and 2007 celebrity spokesperson.  Ultimately, the nationwide "campaign" will be paid for by Olympic-caliber corporate sponsorships.  


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