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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 376 Moraga, Ca. 94556
Phone Number: 925-376-7126
Director: Cynthia Brian

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Be the Star You Are
Be the Star You Are
Be the Star You Are
Be the Star You Are

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Literacy, Education
Population Served: Women, Youth, Families
Ages for Volunteer: 10 and above
Hours of Service: N/A
Minimum Hours Required: N/A
Days of Service: N/A
Mission Statement:

The mission of Be The Star You Are Non-profit company is to provide and promote educational, inspirational, and positive programming in all forms of media to people in need of encouragement, change, and direction of life.

Our purpose is to communicate that life is precious and as individuals we have the ability, responsibility, and power to choose our own futures. Through educational, motivational, and inspirational television and radio shows, internet programming, books, magazines, music, and other media produced by companies who have the same vision, we can help bring awareness to the audience and positively impact the lives and livelihood of all people who choose to participate in this opportunity for growth and empowerment.

Our vision is to help people of all ages, ethnicities, religions, sexes, vocations and avocations follow their own path and overcome obstacles in order to live their dreams. By living consciously with respect from our hearts and with passion we will collectively create peace, unity, abundance, and harmony on this planet.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Be the Star You Are is a 501 (c)(3) charitable and educational corporation organized to provide, promote, and distribute positive educational and inspirational media programs for children, teenagers, and adults, including but not limited to, programs relating to career guidance, life planning, vocational and entrepreneurial endeavors, and personal growth.

The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be:
a. to provide educational, life-planning, and guidance programs for children, teens, and adults in subjects such as career decisions, life transitions, entrepreneurial undertakings, and personal development.
b. to commission media programs, including television, films, books, magazines, and internet services which positively impact individuals who face significant life events such as illness, relationship decisions, unemployment, career transition, and similar situations.
c. to commission, promote and distribute to the public media productions exemplifying the lives of individuals who have made successful choices in their lives and provide positive role models for children, teens and adults in similar situations.


Be the Star You Are!® volunteers participate in many community events including the Pear Festival, Moraga Faire, Festival of Lights, book signings, parades, and more. Our new book, Be the Star You Are!® for Teens boasts several volunteers who have written chapters.

Additional Information:

 Donations can be made at PARTIAL LIST of Beneficiaries YOUR DONATIONS SUPPORT:


Boys and Girls Club

Bay Area Crisis Nursery

Born Free Program (Teen pregnancies and babies)

Community Substance Abuse Center (alcohol and substance abuse)

Children’s Hospital Reach Out and Read

Chai Lifeline, Illinois (children with life threatening illness)

Chris Adams Girls Center (troubled girls)

Edgar Transition Center (Teens)

Family Stress Center

Family Support Center

Girls, Inc. (mentoring young girls)

ILSP Independent Living

Jewish Children's Bureau, Illinois

Juvenile Hall Auxiliary (kids-at-risk)

Native American Life Skills Center, Wisconsin

New York Fire Department Family Crisis Center, New York

Northern Calif. Family Center SAFE PLACE (runaway teens and crisis center)

Office of the Public Guardian, Illinois (abused kids)

Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility

Summit Center (forgotten young people)

Youth Industry

Hamilton Family Center (homeless families)

Wings to Fly (Foster Kids)

Camp Kimble for Kids

Paul F. Byrd Foundation (Mathematics Scholarships for youth at San Jose State University)

JoAnn Cayce Charities, Thorton, Arkansas (poverty stricken families and children)

Cheerful Givers, Minnesota and Louisiana

Hurricane Relief, Horace Ketchums,Gulf Coast

Contra Costa County Libraries

Walnut Creek Volunteer Center

Write On! Literacy Charity for Youth

Bay Area Rescue Mission

Habitat for Humanity

Center for the Deaf

Bret Harte Foundation

Mountain View Community Church, San Diego Fire Victims

Casa de Amparo, Oceanside

The Rock Church Fire Relief, San Diego

Toys for Tots

TOTA (Turn On To America)

Motor City Kids

Operation Life Transformed

Books for the Barrio

Super Stars Literacy

Lincoln Child Center

Shelter, Inc.

Gateway High School (youth at risk)