Camden County Animal Shelter

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Basic Information

Address: 125 County House Road Blackwood, NJ 08012
Phone Number: 856-401-1300
Fax Number: 856-401-1309
Director: Valerie P. (Youth Coordinator)

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Animals
Clearances Required: Yes
Ages for Volunteer: 11-17
Hours of Service: Will be discussed at orientation
Minimum Hours Required: 2 per month
Days of Service: Will be discussed at orientation
Mission Statement:

The Camden County Animal Shelter's Youth Volunteer Program was created to safely expose children and teens to the reality of the shelter life and to allow them to work hands-on with the animals.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Many people do not realize the impact children and teens can have on the lives of animals. Many shelters do not even offer a Youth Volunteer Program. Volunteering at our shelter offers many benefits such as learning or developing new skills, being part of your community, keeping you motivated and feeling a sense of achievement, helping with engaging in an animal-related career, and meeting people who share similar interests as you!

Program History:

This program was created August 2008 because of the demand of people under 18 wanting to volunteer with animals. Our very first orientation was a huge success -- about 40 kids, teens, and their parents showed up and helped build up our program. Now, we have over 100 youth volunteers who take part in animal socialization, fundraising, shelter events, cleaning animal cages, and more!


The shelter has frequent events. We do events for the holidays such as Haunted Hay Rides and pictures with Santa as well as parades, Adopt-a-thons, PetSmart Showcasing, pasta dinners, and so much more!

Additional Information:
Each volunteer will be set up with a mentor. Your mentor will usually be the person who is giving you your orientation. This is the person that will supervise you with the dogs and cats in case you are having any problems. If you prefer to volunteer with your parent/guardian then you do not need to be with your mentor, however all other rules still apply. Frequent e-mails will be sent out of when the volunteers can come up to the shelter to volunteer — you do not have to come up on these days if you are volunteering with your parent/guardian
Some conditions apply to the 11 to 13 year old age group. This age group MUST be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times — mentors will not be provided. When walking dogs, the parent/guardian must be the only one walking the dog, however the child(ren) can play with the dog in the play kennel. This age group can play with cats as long as their parent/guardian is with them, as well as pass out dog treats and cats treats, help with cleaning, or help with laundry.
The 14 to 17 year old age group can walk dogs as long as their mentor or parent/guardian is with them. This age group does not need a parent or mentor with them to play with cats, pass out dog treats and cats treats, help with cleaning, or help with laundry.
Both age groups can participate in outside and inside shelter events, participate in fundraising, collect donations for the animals, and more!
Once a volunteer turns 18 years old, they can begin volunteering on their own, without a parent/guardian or mentor, and can come in on their own schedule as long as it's during shelter hours.