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Basic Information

Address: 2062 Business Center Dr Suite 225 Irvine, CA 92612
Phone Number: (949) 476-1144 Ext 311
Director: Hilda Pacheco-Taylor

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Corazon de Vida Foundation
Corazon de Vida Foundation
Corazon de Vida Foundation

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Additional Information

Causes Served: We support the orphanages of Baja, Mexico by raising contributions in the form of money, material, and volunteer work to benefit and empower the children of Baja
Population Served: Children
Mission Statement:

Corazon de Vida (CDV), or Heart of Life, was formed in 1994 to raise funds and support for the children of Baja, Mexico. Without funds for housing, food or social programs for orphaned, homeless and abandoned children, Mexico is not able to provide a future for its youngest citizens.
Many of these children are found living on the streets, while a lucky few have been taken in by well meaning families. These families offer help to one or two children in desperate need, and shortly find themselves running a home for as many as 75 or 100 children. The families often seek support from churches, area businesses or friends to feed and clothe the children. Mexico does not have a welfare or foster care system, so orphanages must seek their support from individuals, corporations and foundations like CDV.

CDV coordinates corporate, community and volunteer support to provide funds, volunteer help, and a caring hand to the children of Baja. Funds raised pay for food, utilities and the other basic needs of life. Many children in Baja orphanages do not get a regular nutritious meal. CDV seeks to change that for the 50 orphanages throughout Baja.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe every child's life is valued and holds the same potential, excitement and opportunity as any other life. It is up to us to work together to make sure our care transforms into each child's hope for the future.

Program History:

Corazon de Vida (CDV) Foundation is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization. Founded by Hilda Pacheco-Taylor in 1994, CDV is committed to End the Cycle of Child Homelessness…we believe that moving children from streets to safe housing, improving current orphanage conditions and quality of life and focusing on education will ensure a promising future for Mexico’s orphans.