Debbie Salerno

Basic Information

Address: 377 Middle Road, Hazlet, NJ 07730
Phone Number: 732-888-1984
Director: Debbie Salerno

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Saving Maine Coon and Maine Coon mix cats from being put to death in shelters
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Population Served: animal lovers
Ages for Volunteer: over 18
Hours of Service: varies
Minimum Hours Required: one
Days of Service: varies
Mission Statement:

To save Maine Coon and Maine Coon mix cats/kittens from bad situations and place them in loving homes

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

No animal should be put to death due to lack of space or resources

Program History:

Founded in 2009

Additional Information:

We are looking for people to process adoption applications, foster, and transport.  Volunteer applications can be found at