Family Matters Community Tutoring

Basic Information

Address: 7731 N Marshfield AVe
Phone Number: 773-465-6011 ext 115
Fax Number: 773-465-6425
Director: Keri Lucas

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: education, mentoring, academic tutoring
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Youth 1st - 12th grades
Ages for Volunteer: high school graduates
Hours of Service: afternoons and evenings
Minimum Hours Required: 2 hours
Days of Service: M-Th
Mission Statement:

Family Matters is a family-centered organization in the North of Howard neighborhood that seeks to be a catalyst for change - building and strengthening the community through programs that support personal growth and leadership.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Family Matters strives to be a safe, positive second home where families of diverse culture and experience come together and find equal acceptance, encouragement and challenge.
Family Matters believes the community must determine its own needs and can meet those needs through a partnership comprising neighborhood residents, staff, volunteers and donors.
Family Matters encourages respect for self and others and practices three principles of leadership:
Utilizing peaceful conflict resolution,
Embracing positive thinking and language,
Illuminating the power of responsible decision-making.

Program History:

Community Tutoring works to enhance the academic achievement of students in the North of Howard community. To that end, it fosters a strong partnership among students, teachers, parents, and tutors. The program comprises the following initiatives:
Evening Tutoring which pairs each student with a trained tutor;
Learning Matters Summer School which includes small-group reading and math tutoring, a project-based learning camp for 3rd - 6th.
IREAD, one-on-one tutoring that focuses on improving the spelling, reading, and writing skills of students of all ages who struggle due to dyslexia or other learning challenges;
Wee Read, an early literacy component focused on pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students;

The following are a few highlights of what Community Tutoring staff believe to be evidence of long-term impact;
Staff nominated a Community Tutoring student for the Daniel Murphy High School Scholarship and supported the student in completing the scholarship application process and applications for competitive high schools. The student received the scholarship and was accepted to Northridge Preparatory School.
A Community Tutoring student, who has been working with his tutors over the past three years to develop strategies to adjust for his learning challenges, was one of the high scorers in his class on the US Constitution Test.
A Communit y Tutoring veteran of 5 years won the 2010 Posse Scholarship and is now attending Denison University in Ohio.
Learning Matters students during the summer of 2010 improved their reading test scores on an average of 1 grade level over only an 8 week period.
A Community Tutoring alum and Chicago Math and Science Academy senior, who now tutors in ALLGRO, has been accepted to Saint Xavier University with a $21,500 scholarship.


Annual Walkathon - 3rd Saturday in May