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Basic Information

Address: P.O. Box 2533 Livermore, CA. 94551
Phone Number: (925) 606-7239
Director: Asale M. Kimaada

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Grandmothers Who Help, Inc.
Grandmothers Who Help, Inc.
Grandmothers Who Help, Inc.
Grandmothers Who Help, Inc.

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Diversity, Group Development, Fighting Racism
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: K-12 - College - Seniors & Underserved Communities
Ages for Volunteer: Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults & Seniors
Hours of Service: 8:am-7:pm
Minimum Hours Required: two
Days of Service: Monday - Sunday
Mission Statement:

To encourage cultural programing by presenting the history and life of African American people in a multi- media exhibit through educational environments. To work within city, state, federal, and community organizations promoting multi-cultural activities. To reiterate to our communities the accomplishments and contributions African American and other people of color people have made and are still making to these United States of America.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that at the moment a child is introduced to their culture a whole new world of possibilities opens up to them. Our philosophy is that children should receive this knowledge at an early age to help them better build positive relationships with people from different cultures of whom they live amongst.

Program History:

Organization History:
After visiting her granddaughter’s elementary schools Asale was told by teachers there was a lack of information and resources about African American People and that is why they were not celebrating black history month. Asale begin working on bringing black history into her grandchildren’s schools first through sharing African American Books. She soon began to build a “Black History Exhibit”. Grandmothers Who Help, was founded in 1996, in Antioch, California as a sole proprietorship. In 1998 headquarters moved to Livermore, CA. In 2001 GWH relocated the physical exhibit location to Hayward, CA. By 2004 Asale had applied and was granted a non profit status. With her nine people board of directors Grandmothers Who Help, Inc. has managed to build an enormous exhibit that contains over 200 pictures, children and adult books, artifacts multi-media, musicians and story tellers. Over the span of fourteen years, GWH has enriched Black History Month for hundreds of students in elementary, middle, high school and colleges. The popularity of Asale’s exhibit grew and expands outside the barriers of schools into, city, state and federal agencies in the Bay Area and Southern California. In 2009 the physical location of the exhibit was moved to Livermore, CA.


Traveling Pictorial Black History Exhibit / Schools and Community Collaborations

Kwanzaa Programs

Black History Art & Essay Program

Special Dr. King Programs

Special Papua New Guinea Exhibit

Tabling / Advertisement and Fund Raising

Juneteenth Programs

Black Rodeo Program

Black Cowboy Parade Program

Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers/ Nursing Home Program

Additional Information:

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Since October 1, 1996 Grandmothers Who Help, Inc. has presented a traveling pictorial black history exhibit “African American History from Antiquity to Present Times” in educational environments to children and adults from all walks of life and all ages.


The exhibit and presentation is age appropriate for k-12, college students, and adults. We are honored to present to seniors.


The exhibit is recognized by the California Department of Education and meets the California Content Standards.


To complement the exhibit we have included music and story telling.


 Most generally the exhibit is presented in six forty-five minute presentations accommodating a number of children per each class period.


The exhibit can transform any room into a virtual museum.


 Each class presentation begins with the explanation of the origins of the “Negro National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, children are given the words and encourages to sing along, and are accompany by the sax player or other musicians.  


The historical presenter (usually the director) introduces children and teachers to people and places on the exhibit over a time line. Questions and answers are encouraged.


 The story teller tells of her life experiences as a young girl growing up in the Jim Crow South. This is a very effective diversity tool helping children understand segregation and its effects and implications.


 The exhibit is very visual with Over 200 pictures with biographies of notable African Americans along with various cultural artifacts, children and adult books and more.


 The pictures are mounted on beautiful red and grey exhibit boards; some are stand alone some are set up on a table. It takes about 1 ½ hour to set up and about the same time to take down the exhibit and load into our vehicle.


The busiest time is in January and February during Dr. King’s birthday the mandated Black History Month. 


Our exhibit is available to travel twelve months out of the year, and we advertise as such.  


Our information is drawn form modern as well as historical records. References are provided.