The GreenHouse Community Center

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Basic Information

Address: 2201 Northview Dr. Sacramento,CA Mailing: PO Box 348138 · Sacramento, CA · 95834
Phone Number: 916-402-7978
Director: Kacie Stratton

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: We offer after-school tutoring, mentoring, summer day camps, a youth group for teens, leadership development, and skill-building workshops.
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: children and teens
Ages for Volunteer: 18yrs and older
Hours of Service: negotiable
Minimum Hours Required: 2-4 a week
Days of Service: monday thru saturday
Mission Statement:

Cultivating a thriving community by nurturing the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of our
youth and inspiring them to grow to their full potential

Program History:

Imagine growing up across the street from a park that is too dangerous to play in...or sharing a three-bedroom apartment
with nine people...or not having books, school supplies, or a quiet place to do homework.

These are the harsh realities for the more than 550 youth living across the street from
Ninos Park in Natomas. The needs of this low-income neighborhood are obvious: generations of poverty,
addiction, oppression, and crime have left families feeling hopeless and forgotten.

Drawn to serve this community, some volunteers from a local church began going to
Ninos Park on the weekends to play games and build relationships with kids and their parents. After hearing their
stories and seeing their potential, these volunteers began to dream about a place that could represent health, hope, and
renewal for this community.

This dream became reality in July 2002 when The GreenHouse was born. The GreenHouse is a Christian Community Enrichment
Center that was formed to help unlock the inherent resources of this neighborhood and transform it from one that is
merely surviving into one that is thriving. By providing families with opportunities for education, artistic expression,
fitness, and spiritual growth, The GreenHouse is nurturing the seeds of renewal in this community.