Harry Singer Foundation

Basic Information

Phone Number: 831-625-4225
Fax Number: 831-624-7994
Director: Margaret Bohannon-Kaplan

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: education and community service
Population Served: teens, teachers, adults --schools and general community all ages
Ages for Volunteer: 3-99
Hours of Service: can be tailored to each individual community
Minimum Hours Required: can be tailored to each individual community
Days of Service: can be tailored to each individual community
Mission Statement:

Our focus is on the average citizen, and our goal is to motivate him or her to make positive differences in America.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our goal is to provide citizens with information necessary for political and personal decision-making. We believe many people base their decision on too little or erroneous information about public policy. They also tend to underestimate the effort and goodwill of their fellow citizens.

Program History:

Another Way http://www.singerfoundation.org/?m=anotherway is the Foundation's volunteer program which can be adapted, with the Foundation's support, to the needs of each individiual community. It is based on the concept that everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, bed ridden or athlete has something of value to share with other members of the community.

Additional Information:


In our Teachers Forum, we offer materials, free of charge, which can be printed and used in the classroom or for individual education or research. The Workbooks forum features data to encourage logical thinking and attention to the unintended consequences that often accompany government or personal solutions to perceived problems. HSF believes that society may have encouraged technology and management while neglecting principles. We need to consider not only can we do, but should we do. To that end you will soon find an introduction to the seldom taught subject of logic along with ethical dilemmas.
Our website started as a bulletin board in 1994 and needed an upgraded look which started in 2007. Unfortunately the programmers ran into problems which we are still attempting to solve. We currently do not have  control of every area of the new web site and some of our online programs and search engines are not functioning properly as of September 2010. However we can post student submissions. Please send us an email if you are interested in any of the online programs and we’ll see if we can work with you via email if necessary.
HSF has published the thoughts of teens over a twenty year period on our old web site. By clicking on the map in the Archives forums you may be able to gain access to some essays, although this is the main section that we are currently trying to untangle and reprogram. By the end of the 2010 we should have the published books that resulted from 41 of the 46 essay contests conducted between 1988 and 2008 online. Although many of these teen authors now are adults with children of their own, their research and conclusions are relevant to today's youth who must learn to make successful personal and social choices regarding their own ideology and careers. They too must withstand the peer pressure of gangs, violence, irresponsible sex and addictive substances. People change but the social issues remain.
We invite you to come back time and again to explore all the facets of our web site. We look forward to your comments and participation and will be happy to provide additional information or respond to any questions you might have. Because we have no paid staff and rely completely on volunteer Champions, we hope some of you will be moved to offer remote assistance and support, or even become a HSF Champion and adapt one of our programs  to the special needs of your own community, with our support.