Hearts & Hands of Indiana

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Basic Information

Address: 337 N. Warman Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46222
Phone Number: 317-353-3605
Director: Tom Egold

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Hearts & Hands of Indiana
Hearts & Hands of Indiana
Hearts & Hands of Indiana
Hearts & Hands of Indiana

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Affordable Housing
Ages for Volunteer: 16+
Mission Statement:

Hearts & Hands is dedicated to helping families and individuals attain affordable long-term home ownership on the Near Westside of Indianapolis by providing education, mentoring and quality rehabilitated homes.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our mission is driven by our Catholic faith, our vision to make a difference and to transform the area within the Holy Trinity and St. Anthony parishes into a vibrant community, remaining mindful of being good stewards of God’s many blessings and sharing our service model with other communities who might find it appropriate for their needs.

Program History:

Hearts & Hands was born from Father John McCaslin’s vision of revitalizing the community of Haughville. After speaking to a group of Sacred Heart Alumni, it was apparent that the dream to rebuild Haughville was not just a dream but a new beginning. Father John was joined by the current President, Tom Egold, and Vice President Jim Simmons and other key individuals who have worked tirelessly to turn this dream into a reality. To be as effective as possible, we have initially narrowed the service area to a few specific streets. By focusing on these streets, we believe we will be able to create a center of positive change that can then expand. Our service area is bounded by 10th St. on the North, Belleview Pl. on the East, Washington St. on the South, and Haugh Street on the West. As of 2011, two houses have been rehabilitated with two families currently enjoying them. We are now working on two houses, and are in process of purchasing additional homes to rehabilitated.


We are always looking for groups to assist us in rehabilitating our homes. We are an all volunteer organization and rely on countless individuals and groups to help us with rebuilding houses. We welcome all volunteers, skilled or unskilled. Contact Sarah, shampton@heartsandhandsindy.com for information on volunteering at a workday.