Higher Learning Network,NFP

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Basic Information

Address: P.O. Box 118305 Chicago, Il. 60611
Phone Number: 312-409-6619
Fax Number: 312-409-6619
Director: Shelomith Yisrael

Action Shots

Higher Learning Network,NFP
Higher Learning Network,NFP
Higher Learning Network,NFP

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Additional Information

Causes Served: youth development
Population Served: Youth
Ages for Volunteer: 10 +
Hours of Service: 2 per week
Minimum Hours Required: 2 per day
Days of Service: flexible
Mission Statement:

Higher Learning Network’s mission is to empower and teach urban youth and adults how to develop their own natural gifts, talents and abilities: with a focus on life skills, job training and entreprenurial skills.

Higher Learning comes from within. Trust the process.

Man's knowledge is merely a drop of water in God's oceans.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Everyone has a natural gift, talent and ability. It is our mission to help them nurture and develop those gifts to be constructive contributors to society.

Additional Information:

Our Youth Media Program specializes in Behind-The-Scenes Radio/TV/Print Production to familiarize youth with career options and Personal Development/Life skills.