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Phone Number: 877-859-6850
Director: Carol Stewart

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Public Safety, Energy and Health and Human Services
Population Served: All 435 US Congressional Districts
Mission Statement:

The "Price of Security" is one of the greatest challenges we face today. Our mission is to advance Homeland Security while preserving Americans' civil liberties through life-saving Public Safety, Energy Security and Health and Human Services.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The roadway to a brighter future must be well built...

Through a coalition of good people, we're building strength through awareness and empowering citizens with resources to help protect against "All Hazards" at home, work and around the community;

With passion and determination, we're bridging the gap between the public and government and working towards a brighter future for all;

Our team is harnessing the power of innovation and generosity to reduce loss of life and property with RubyWATCH and stop Phishing, ID theft and fraud with secure authentication technology delivered at no charge to the public;

Energy demands of the future require us to collaborate with community partners and promote a progressive energy agenda with specialized programs designed to strengthen our infrastructure and workforce with green technology and fresh ideas;

Finally, our cutting-edge scientific research helps investigators better understand patterns of behavior and tactics of terrorists and criminals to give law enforcement the edge, and help ensure FREEDOM, SAFETY and PROSPERITY across our land...

"Together, we cannot fail."

Additional Information:

HSFA has many challenging, rewarding volunteer opportunities.  Please contact us or visit volunteermatch.org to view current opportunities: http://www.volunteermatch.org/search/org81480.jsp.


"Great place to work and lots of opportunities. The organization has noble idea and ample things that need t be done... I enjoy working here more than any other before." - by Yared N. from sacramento, CA .


"I feel that every American should be willing to lend some support to a foundation such as the Homeland Security Foundation of America as it is an entity that serves to benefit every American. Also, the strength of the United States Homeland Security depends on the watchfulness and devotion of all Americans." - by Cacheatuh S.