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Basic Information

Address: 621 Bluff Rd. Columbia, S.C. 29201
Phone Number: 803-400-1650
Fax Number: 83-400-17
Director: Jimmie Wright

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Character Ed., Behavior Intervention, Personal Goal Setting
Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: At Promise Youth
Ages for Volunteer: 12-18
Hours of Service: 4:00 to 7:00
Minimum Hours Required: 2 hour a week
Days of Service: M-F
Mission Statement:

The Mission of Impact is to meet negative behaviors and negative attitudes with positive instruction as well as direct discipline with an emphasis in character development, integrity, individual morals and ethics while concentrating on behavior correctness.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Children’s social environment is everything to them and it pushes them in directions that they sometimes lose control. In our communities at this present moment, we have gang activities, crime, alcohol, drug abuse and neglect. Mentoring a child is a way to give back to the community and to gain life itself through a child’s life. To be an IMPACT in a child’s life is God’s law of life itself.

Program History:

The IMPACT Program has been in existance for 10 years. IMPACT was designed to encourage adult to student mentoring and foster positive relationships between youth. IMPACT (Individually Mentoring People Achieving Change Through Time) purpose is to provide assistance in discipline through school mentoring. IMPACT has reacher over 2000 studnts in the past 10 years.


IMPACTS mentoring collaborates with staff and individuals from the community at-large. Programs consist of: Brothers Can We Talk, Rhymes For Reasons, High School Leadership Retreat, Family Group (School Initiative).