International Cancer Advocacy Network ("ICAN")

Basic Information

Address: 27 West Morten Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85021 (mailing address only)
Phone Number: 602-618-0183
Fax Number: 602-926-8109
Director: Marcia K. Horn, CEO

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: cancer patient advocacy and cancer research
Population Served: cancer patients
Ages for Volunteer: any age where the volunteer is proficient at Google searches
Hours of Service: you tell us how many hours per week you will volunteer from your home
Minimum Hours Required: 5 to 10 per month
Days of Service: left to the volunteer to decide
Mission Statement:

ICAN outfits late-stage cancer patients who have been written off by their medical teams with new strategic options and clinical trials enrollment possibilities.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

No cancer patient should be left without options; no cancer patient should suffer intractable pain.

Program History:

Please read all about us at We've been headquartered in Phoenix for 14 years, dealing with thousands of patients nationwide and from around the world.